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Marketing to Millennials with an Integrated Content Campaign
Posted By:

The Abbi Agency recently developed “The North Lake Tahoe Ale Trail” and a substantial boost for North Lake Tahoe’s tourism sector during the autumn…

Fast Company Gets Even Faster With FastCoNews
Posted By:

When the first Egyptian scribe leaned over a sheet of papyrus and dipped his reed brush into a bowl of ink, his boss probably was standing behind him and muttering, “Faster, faster.” Ever since…

The Rise of Podcasting [Infographic]
Posted By:

Starting today, you could create and launch a podcast in 30 days, have it build an audience of rabid fans, and — through the power of podcasting…

5 Tips for Effective Facebook Advertising
Posted By:

Although Facebook is a free platform for both personal users and brand pages alike, it is turning into more of a “pay to play” advertising opportunity…

Media Relations Training Part 2: During the Interview
Posted By:

After all the coaching, preparation and practice, it all comes down to what goes on during the actual interview. An unexpected question or change…

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