anything but typical

the unusual suspects

Ty Whitaker CEO/Co-Founder
Class President
Abbi Whitaker President/Co-Founder
Queen of Hearts
Connie Anderson VP Client Services
Starting QB
Caroline Sexton VP of Digital Strategy
Digital Sorceress
Thaison Kawal Creative Director
Coach K
Liz Bowling VP of Public Relations
Media Maven
Warren Phan Senior Brand Manager
Your Number 1 Phan
Owen Truesdell Director of Public Affairs
Sultan of Smirk
Angela Rudolph Digital Content Manager
Nicole Tucker Office Manager
Mother Tucker
Yegor Monin Full-Stack Developer
Open Sourcerer
Lauren Meckstroth Public Relations Director
The Wolf of Wall St.
What we’re reading
“Drive”: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
by Daniel H Pink
“Drive offers readers a paradigm-shattering new way to think about motivation. And no, it doesn’t feature Ryan Gosling”
Chani Knight Business Dev Strategist
Brand Bengal
Darius Mandegary Graphic Designer
Mr. Mustache
Yevhen Leliuk Digital QA & Frontend Developer
404 – Title Not Found
Dani Hannah Account Manager
The Danimal
Kate Ponomarenko Frontend Developer
The REACT-or
Alli Williams Senior PR Manager
Brunch Connoisseur
Henry Merschel Digital Strategist
Mr. Metrics
Anna Paterson Digital Copywriter
Oxford Comma Czar
Ben Engel Account Coordinator
Southern Charm
Vitaliy Moiseiev UX & UI Designer
Pixel Perfectionist
Kami Olaciregui Production Mgt/Designer
Keeper of the Realm
Alexis Keith Account Manager
AP Stylish
Valerii Mokhiriev Frontend Developer
The Frontline
Ashley Behre Brand Manager
From Vegas With Love
Kaycee Rechel Production Designer
Technical Design Champion
What we’re
Pristine Sutton

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