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Creating provocative, ear-to-the-ground communications that solve problems, build value, and genuinely move people.

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Integrated Branding

Problem Solved. Beautifully.


Like we said, The Abbi Agency is designed to do one very specific thing very, very well: solve problems. To do that, we’ve created an operating structure that’s fluid, nimble, and adaptive, one that allows us to seamlessly integrate vital expertise to meet whatever challenge might be at hand.


Think creative writers working hand-in-hand with back-end programmers. Think public relations strategists melding minds with a best-in-class SEO team. Think graphic designer gurus and social media savants joined in marketplace disruption.
Think of all the beautiful results we can achieve, together.

  • Our Industries
    Are you not moved?
    We build destination brands that provoke wanderlust. We find their essence and bring it to life through media, transforming audiences into participants, sharing the siren-song stories that set places apart and pull people in.
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  • Our Industries
    Health Heroes in High-Definition
    There are incredible stories unfolding in American healthcare. Stories of innovation, compassion and transformation. And we’re here to tell them in powerful new ways.
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  • Our Industries
    Finding Common Ground
    We shape public perception of issues, organizations and businesses to drive client success, create coalitions and empower the greater good.
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  • Our Industries
    Growing community
    Somewhere along the line, development became one of the most polarizing practices in communities across the country. We see things a little differently. We help developers and stakeholders see eye-to-eye, creating win-win partnerships that result in stronger, more resilient communities for everyone.
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  • Our Industries
    Let’s Get Technical
    The tech industry loves jargon — AWS, EC2, SaaS, etc. And honestly, we do too. Learning about technologies and platforms that become so widely used they reach abbreviation status?! What’s not to love? But not all audiences understand jargon and that’s why we’re here. To help ensure there is no knowledge gap between your brand and the intended audiences. We take immense pride in providing the tools, insights and resources needed to achieve meaningful message traction.
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  • Travel & Tourism
    Experts in the art & science of wanderlust.
  • Healthcare
    Powering pioneering health brands
  • Government & Public Affairs
    Passionate advocates of the greater good.
  • Development & Real Estate
    Building community through understanding.
  • Technology
    Empowering upstarts, underdogs & challengers.
  • Integrated Model
    Brand Audit
  • Integrated Model
  • Integrated Model
  • Integrated Model
    Brand Building
  • Integrated Model
  • Integrated Model
    Brand Development
  • Integrated Model
    Launch and Feedback


The majority of businesses go through the process of auditing their brand when they have a vested interest in making a change within their organization. Maybe they’re rebranding, or refreshing their current look. This would be a perfect time to analyze your current brand and see where it has shifted since its inception.


  • Social Audit
  • Website & SEO Audit
  • Identity / Brand Positioning Audit
  • Past Performance Audit
  • Media Analysis (Tone, Messaging, Audience Reach)


Your brand touches every part of your business and every part of the consumer experience. Therefore, brand research must be ongoing to confirm that your brand continually builds equity and gains value in consumers’minds. There isn’t a place on your company’s balance sheet for brand value but it’s a powerful business asset that deserves to be prioritized and researched on an ongoing basis.


  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Content Analysis
  • Community Forums


While the brand audit results in an informed point-of-view towards your brand and the research provides the raw data, the discovery phase generates a strategic roadmap towards articulating your brand’s defining value proposition.
During this phase, the unique motivators and defining characteristics of target personas are hashed out, as is the specific messaging that resonates with each. During the discovery phase, we’ll also identify your competition and how your brand stacks up.

  • Marketing Plan (Media Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy)
  • Overall Strategy
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Persona Development
  • Messaging
  • Competitive Audit
  • Strategic Involvement from Each Department


Effective brand positioning begins with determining the existential reasons behind your brand. Only when your brand’s “why” is defined, can you hope to truly win both the hearts and minds of audiences. With a unique balance of emotional and functional capital, brand equity is strengthened while current and future brand appeal is bolstered.


    Brand Platform / Brand Board


During the foundation phase, the subtleties and nuances that uniquely define your brand’s identity are assigned visual expression.

Standards are set to guide visual and messaging consistency across channels, including voice, tone, and internal and external communication guidelines.


  • Create Brand Identity
  • Mood Board / Visual Language (Social)
  • Brand Standards (Optional)
  • Content Development


Much like Dr. Frankenstein pulling the lever, brand development electrifies and animates your brand beast, preparing it for life beyond the castle walls.
From the development of assets such as a logo, brand identity standards, and execution parameters that will express your brand’s story in the best possible way, we tighten the bolts and sew up the scars so that your monster can be unleashed upon the marketplace, with a daisy in its hand.

  • Corporate Collateral
  • Website
  • Campaign Buildout
  • Setting Up Social Sites
  • Photo & Video Shoots


Spoon-fed by data, strategy, and blessed with an authentic and original identity, your brand has the strength and poise necessary to step out into the world.

At this stage, many agencies wash their hands clean and turn the chapter. For The Abbi Agency, this marks the beginning of a cyclical process where evaluation is constantly used to inform, inspire, refine, and enhance the overarching brand strategy.

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Feathers in Our Cap
Rounds of Applause

We already know that our team is absolutely indomitable, but it’s nice to have awards we can point to when we say it. Check out some of the accolades we’ve won for setting the industry ablaze.

PRSA Anvil Award
Integrated Communications, Government, 2023 - Nevada Health Link Open Enrollment Campaign
PR Daily's Top Agencies Awards
Small Agency, 2023
Nevada Business Women to Watch
Abbi Whitaker, 2023
Hermes Creative Awards
Platinum, Web Design, 9DOTARTS, 2022 Gold, Web Design/Creative, Edgewood, 2022
Advertising Agency of the Year
2022, AAF Best of the West Media Awards, American Advertising Federation (AAF)
Gold Midsize Agency of the Year
2022, Bulldog Awards
MarTech Awards
Best Women-Owned Integrated Marketing & Comms Firm 2024 - Mountain States


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