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Shining Light on Tahoe’s Off-season Treasures

In addition to being a legendary winter sports mecca, North Lake Tahoe is also a bustling alpine paradise during the summer months. Together, these two seasons account for 24 million visitors every year. But, as these peak periods fade into spring and fall, tourism numbers have typically faded as well. Lodging occupancy drops, as does spending in local economies.

Was this a situation to simply be accepted, or a challenge waiting to be met? Could North Lake Tahoe find a silver lining and actually turn a weakness into undeniable asset?

The Abbi Agency saw a way.

The Big Integrated Idea

Working in concert, North Lake Tahoe and The Abbi Agency embarked upon a Strategic Marketing and Insights study aimed at understanding the true interests of Tahoe travelers. It turned out that a majority of those surveyed enjoyed leisure activities over extreme sports. Stuff like stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking, dining, and site-seeing. Rather than being peak-season activities, often limited by weather extremes, these were endeavors best enjoyed in more moderate temperatures among fewer people.


Hello, shoulder seasons!

These latent time periods were tourism gold waiting to be mined. We simply had to create awareness and inspire the desire to visit. Utilizing competitor analysis and breakdown reporting of trending content, our team developed a 12-part video series entitled Tahoe Treasures. Each segment focused on a specific shoulder-season activity, augmented by corresponding blog posts and downloadable guides. In addition to owned written and visual assets, the campaign incorporated user-generated content from visitors and micro-influencers to create an authentic and informative space dedicated to the region’s secret seasons. All content was hosted on a Tahoe Treasures landing page on GoTahoeNorth.com.


Talk About Game Changers

The Tahoe Treasures campaign revealed insights and unleashed potentials that were hiding in plain sight. It was a blueprint for visitation that bolstered the North Lake Tahoe economy and inspired people to enjoy the area at the times of the year best-suited to their unique interests. We pulled consumers deeper into the fold and shared an in-depth and robust story of North Lake Tahoe culture. And we pulled down some kick-ass numbers, too.

As if great metrics aren’t enough, this campaign was also awarded with Visit California’s Poppy Award for Best Content Marketing Initiative of 2020.