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Needle movers. Opportunity seekers. In-market innovators.

From groundwork to implementation, The Abbi Agency’s Marketing team is where the rubber meets the road— or more specifically, where opportunity meets amplification. Overseeing the efforts of our Paid Media, Content, SEO, and Social Media divisions, the Marketing powerhouse is always seeking innovative ways to align on-trend performance marketing strategies with overarching client goals, ensuring all marketing tactics are working together in harmonious integration. These expert strategists use their obsession for data and performance to ensure every marketing dollar is well-spent, and that every campaign moves the needle.

  • Brand Research, Strategy & Positioning
  • Customer Persona Development
  • Unique Value Proposition Identification
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Marketing & Strategic Plans
  • Campaign Planning & Launch


Professional movers and shakers. Gutsy visionaries. Crafty collaborators.

One thing to know about The Abbi Agency’s Creative team: they say yes to challenges. Take a peek into our Creative workshop and you may find comprehensive brand identities, one-of-a-kind campaigns, clean & crisp collateral or industry-leading videography and photography. Every project has one thing in common: collaboration in its most impressive and effective form. Fueled by passion and driven by innovation, this collection of ingenious designers, copywriters and artists excels at delivering work that rises far above the rest.

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Photography & Video Production
  • Animation & Illustration
  • Editing & Post Production
  • Asset Management
  • Logo Design & Visual Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines & Brand Books
  • Visual Assets & Collateral
  • Style Guides
  • Naming & Taglines
  • Brand Messaging
  • Integrated Campaigns
  • Creative Concepting
  • AR & Experiential Creative


Coveters of coverage. Story anglers. Media mavens.

Regularly pitching to world-class journalists and industry playmakers is no small feat, but The Abbi Agency’s Public Relations team is always ready to play ball. We know that public relations is about far more than building reputation and relationships among consumers; it’s about doing more, learning more and thinking critically about an industry that is constantly in flux. By using an innovative Pod system that pairs clients with the best team members suited for the job, The Abbi Agency’s Public Relations department is always ready and willing to spin foundational insights into captivating narratives.

  • Competitive Auditing & Strategic Planning
  • Media Relations
  • Media Trends Analysis, Tracking & Reporting
  • Message Mapping
  • Familiarization Trips
  • Virtual & In-Person Press Conferences
  • Events, PR Stunts & Experiential Moments
  • SEO-Driven PR
  • Media Training
  • Investor & Key Stakeholder Relations
  • Crisis Communications & Reputation Management
  • Media Dinners, Tours, and Desk Sides
  • Media & Brand Partnerships
  • Awards & Speaking Opportunities
  • Analyst Relations
  • Executive, Corporate & Internal Communications


Makers of movements. Public policy pros. Counselors in a crisis.

The Abbi Agency’s Public Affairs team is like a machinist working the cogs of a well-oiled machine— tirelessly laboring on the periphery of the main action, yet absolutely essential to its operation. This group of policy and political experts specializes in strategic advocacy, working in the weeds with client organizations to sow the seeds of influence. Deep sector knowledge. Consulting excellence. A unique approach to issue management and advocacy campaigns. That’s how The Abbi Agency turns missions into movements.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Integrated PR & Media Communications
  • Investor & Key Stakeholder Relations
  • Crisis Communications & Reputation Management
  • Media Training
  • Civic & Community Engagement
  • Advocate Recruitment & Management
  • Advocacy Campaign Strategy and Implementation
  • Policy Research and Political Intelligence
  • Reporting


Tappers of the zeitgeist. Conversation starters. Trendsetters.

Every marketing agency worth its salt needs a Social Media team that is nimble-footed, savvy and ready to meet the challenges of the digital age head-on. Today’s audiences don’t want to be spoken to by a brand— they want to be immersed, connected, engaged and seen. The Abbi Agency’s Social Media team excels at navigating the social landscape with finesse, tailoring content and strategic communications that resonate with target audiences and always stay ahead of what’s trending.

  • Social Platform & Competitor Audit
  • Brand & Channel Strategies
  • Monthly Content Calendars
  • Creative & Content Development
  • Short-Form Video Production & Editing
  • Community Care & Moderation
  • Social Listening
  • Boosting & Paid Social Advertising
  • Digital Community Engagement
  • Influencer Research, Contracting & Relations
  • Ambassador Partnerships
  • Reporting


Content architects. Silver-tongued wordsmiths. Sorcerers of SEO.

You could say our Content & SEO team are like storytellers with a secret weapon— the power to make your brand shine in the digital realm. We know that in today’s competitive landscape, standing out and elevating content visibility is the name of the game. That’s why our strategic approach to each and every project combines compelling narrative storytelling with best practices in SEO, resulting in a potent formula for maximum impact and reach on search engine results pages.

  • Strategy
  • SEO & Content Audits
  • Editorial Calendar Creation
  • Link Building
  • Content Creation
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Syndication
  • Infographics
  • Blog Content
  • Email Newsletters
  • E-Books & White Papers
  • Digital Community Engagement
  • Local SEO
  • Reporting


Wranglers of code. Framework fabricators. 404 destroyers.

Our teammates on the Digital Experience team are more than front and backend developers, more than UX/UI designers and project managers— they are weavers of a delicate, yet beautiful, tapestry of code and pixels. Armed with a dynamic toolkit that includes Visual Studio, GITHub, BitBucket, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, HubSpot and more, The Abbi Agency’s Digital Experience team uses an agile approach to development that revolutionizes every client’s online presence. Come launch day and beyond, this team of digital dynamos never leaves a client hanging— regular maintenance checks and performance audits ensure sustained success long after a sparkling new site goes live.

  • Audience Research & Strategy
  • User Experience Planning
  • Visual Design & Guidelines
  • Sitemap & Wireframe Creation
  • QA & Testing
  • Development
  • Hosting
  • Reporting
  • Content Management System (CMS) Implementation
  • Forms and Data Capture
  • Social Media & API Integrations
  • User Training for Interactive Features
  • Monitoring for Issues and Bugs
  • Regular Website Backups
  • Security Audits & Patch Updates
  • User Behavior Analysis
  • CMS and Plugin Updates


Guardians of timelines. Passionate problem solvers. Champions of communication.

Our Client Services team functions as an essential strategic arm, offering clear and effective solutions to guide projects all the way from brand discovery to in-market success. Connecting the dots between internal and external touchpoints is no easy task— yet through it all, TAA’s Client Services team meets every challenge with undeniable finesse, skills honed by years of experience and a personable, agile mindset that instantly puts clients at ease.

  • Integrated Strategy
  • Personal Point of Contact
  • Scope of Work Management
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Timeline Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Coordination of Account Needs
  • Proactive Planning
  • Industry Expertise