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Destination in a bottle

With a loyal – if somewhat stagnant – following amongst outdoor enthusiasts and vacationers in Northern California and Northern Nevada, The Abbi Agency had the opportunity to establish a new brand positioning for Mammoth Brewing Company (MBC). Aiming to penetrate Southern California’s craft beer market, one which is saturated by an influx of breweries, Mammoth Brewing Company also found itself competing with the cannabis industry, which has gained popularity amongst Millennials.

The lack of a singular mark – the brewery had historically used up to three different logos at any given time – caused confusion among MBC customers.

What we uncovered was what sets MBC apart. Mammoth beer isn’t just a drink, it’s an experience, without the sense of place you’re only getting half the picture. Mammoth Brewing Company is a destination as much as it is a brewery. The Abbi Agency’s job was to bring that sense of elevation, adventure, and action to every sip (or more honestly, gulp) of Mammoth beer. The new identity, with its double M mark, is directly inspired by the distinctive crags of the Minaret mountain peaks. It’s a unique logo that can be used on its own as shorthand on merch, packaging, and namely the bottle cap. The logo is jagged and rugged yet modern and clean.