Vive Benefits

Overcoming the Fear of Healthcare


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Healthcare is a scary and daunting word for most of us. That’s why, when emPower— a high deductible health plan management program—reached out to The Abbi Agency, we rolled up our sleeves and prepared for the inevitable hurdles we would have to overcome. EmPower wanted to be the solution for the financially vulnerable by creating a foundation of trust, financial well-being, peace of mind and simplicity. Challenge accepted.

Finding Vive’s Vibe

We set out to help redefine and humanize emPower’s brand. The Abbi Agency eventually settled on the name “Vive,” a name that exudes positivity and potential, emphasizing the vibrant energy of healing and the relief of having health expenses covered. Vive is active, joyful, inspiring. It captures the feeling that employees and health care patients hope to encounter when faced with an illness or injury— the feeling of being supported by medical and financial partners who will work to heal them. Vive is bright and lively, setting it apart in a world of healthcare and finance partners hiding behind safe and predictable naming and branding trends. Along with this new name, The Abbi Agency developed a logo, a brand style guide and a landing page that positions Vive as an approachable and trustworthy service.