Building the Road to Recovery


  • Research & Strategy
  • Branding & Creative
  • Script Writing
  • Video/Photography Production

Alsana, a nationally recognized eating disorder treatment center with (at the time) five locations across the U.S. sought The Abbi Agency’s help in creating virtual tours of its centers to illustrate the look and feel of each. It was important to our client that the videos provided an authentic, compassionate and relatable experience.

The Abbi Agency (Director) and Kimera Collective (Videographer) worked as a collaborative team to conceptualize and produce five video tours of the client’s residential treatment centers showing an approachable, safe and welcoming experience. The videos highlight the unique characteristics of each location with humanistic touches, such as staff interviews and greater location shots. By visually narrating the experience, the videos leave potential clients feeling welcome, safe and wanting to seek treatment.