Edgewood Tahoe

Beyond the Plate


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Edgewood Tahoe is held in the highest regard for immaculate culinary experiences at the edge of one of the world’s most beautiful lakes. Set on the shores of Lake Tahoe, the resort’s reputation for epicurean innovation matched its majestic setting. But patrons only knew the finished, plated product. We wanted to take them on a journey.

The Abbi Agency produced a highly curated series of videos entitled “Art of Culinary” to show the care, attention to detail and craft of Edgewood Tahoe’s culinary team. Inviting in pastry chefs, butchers, ingredient specialists and bakers, the seven-part series showed the art and science behind every dish that comes out of the Edgewood Tahoe kitchen. With mouth-watering visuals and compelling storylines, the series illuminated the behind-the-scenes stories underpinning each dish, giving diners a new appreciation for everything from savory, alpine entrees and delicious chocolate delights.

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