Nevada Department Of Motor Vehicles

Protecting Nevada’s Air


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The Nevada DMV’s Smoking Vehicle Program and consumer-facing brand SmogSpotter have been in use throughout the state for many years, communicated to the public through consistent messaging and advertising campaigns. But the DMV was ready to update the campaign and worked with The Abbi Agency on a refresh of the program’s logo and branding. The agency also wanted to update messaging to better reflect the positive and clear benefit to the health of Nevadans by reporting smoking vehicles to the DMV.

Refreshing a Long-standing Public Health Campaign

The Abbi Agency started by creating a logo that retained elements of prior branding but was refreshed for today’s media landscape. The new logo is easily recognizable and works across digital and traditional media. We then created photos and other assets that showed the reasons keeping Nevada’s skies clear of pollution was important. We developed a new landing page where Nevadans could report smoking vehicles, optimized for both desktop and mobile use.

Finally, we launched and optimized an integrated campaign with traditional (print, outdoor and terrestrial radio) and digital (paid search and display, paid and organic social media and streaming audio), geotargeted and optimized to reach Nevadans with a consistent message.