Edgewood Tahoe Resort

The new definition of lakefront luxury


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Telling the stories that attract the world

On the shores of Lake Tahoe, America’s largest alpine lake, sits Edgewood Tahoe Resort. This historic property, annual home to the American Century Golf Championship, despite having undergone a $100 million transformation from golf resort to all-inclusive luxury lodge, was, a year in, having difficulty gaining traction in the area’s boutique hotel category. Awareness was low. As were room bookings. Marquee brands such as Hyatt and Ritz-Carlton remained dominant.


Edgewood, with all its intimate, elegant, one-of-a-kind, lakefront offerings had, unfortunately, remained a best-kept secret. From the enchanting to audacious, this was a place of possibilities and unforgettable stories. The only thing missing was the right narrator.

The Big Integrated Idea

With the ear for a grand story and the moxie to tell it far and wide, The Abbi Agency embraced the wild, luxurious wonders of Edgewood and set about giving the brand a uniquely ownable voice and marketplace personality.


This was not just a stodgy extension of some corporate hospitality giant, this was real, human, in loving proximity to Nature, the perfect place to truly escape and create memories. From this insight, the theme “Laidback. Lakefront. Luxury.” was born. More than a marketing slogan, the line soon permeated all aspects of Edgewood’s daily operations. It gave the property purpose and shaped its culture. It enhanced employee-guest interactions, informed on-site messaging, and inspired an arsenal of beautifully aligned engagement initiatives.


Influencer campaigns, social media content, web development, high-impact print, collateral, media strategies, all of it strategically and cost-effectively deployed with a single mission: to make Edgewood Tahoe an international must-visit.


Luxury wins its place

Aided by The Abbi Agency’s branding and engagement efforts, Edgewood Tahoe was named Winner of Travel & Leisure’s 2018 World’s Best Award, as well as 2019 Hotel of The Year for the US and Canada by Preferred Hotels & Resorts.