It’s pronounced Echo.


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Working with startups is our jam — especially those that are quite literally changing the world with their technology. I mean, who doesn’t want to talk about changing the world? The answer: no one. Or at least, not when we’ve helped them decipher why this startup in particular is important and worth their time. And by “them” we mean journalists who cover startups, funding announcements and innovations in tech.
The Abbi Agency jumped at the opportunity to help Exo, pronounced “Echo,” share their vision to modernize medical imaging with a high-performance ultrasound platform that uses artificial intelligence. With legacy players already established in the field and other startups trying to solve the same challenges, Exo needed a partner to elevate their messaging and brand in order to stand out amongst competitors.

In just six months, The Abbi Agency doubled Exo’s Share of Voice through an SEO-driven public relations strategy, helped launch and promote a podcast (which you can listen to wherever you get your podcasts!), establish audiences and produce relevant content across their social media channels, and begin a paid advertising campaign.

We can’t wait to see where Exo goes next!