5 Reasons Why TAA Was Named Top Nevada Workplace

May 13, 2024

Have you heard the good news? The Abbi Agency has been named a 2024 Nevada Top Workplace by The Las Vegas Business Press! 38,372 total employees across 105 Nevada companies were surveyed to see who would come out on top (and we actually came out on the very top, since the winners are listed alphabetically!). 

But why were our employees so complimentary toward TAA? We’re glad you asked! Keep reading for 5 reasons we think we were named a top Nevada workplace.

Investment in Our People

The good folks at The Abbi Agency don’t just hire people— they invest in them. Like a plant that needs sunlight and water to thrive, we know that potential blooms in the workplace when employees are given the support, care and opportunities they deserve. We’re all constantly learning how to be better versions of ourselves, and having a workplace that supports this lifelong journey makes all the difference.


Kambrya: “The Abbi Agency invests in its employees like nowhere else. I’ve experienced so much professional growth here, being trusted with stretch responsibilities and supported during my continuing education efforts. I appreciate the chance I’ve had to develop in my career; it’s not something I take for granted, I know we’re lucky to work somewhere that places so much trust and time in us!”

Finding Inspiration, Everywhere

Inspiration is everywhere, and at TAA, we take full advantage of this fact. Our team has an uncanny knack for finding inspiration everywhere they turn, whether that’s in the streets of our local community or in an animated conversation with a coworker. Blue-sky thinking is encouraged and welcomed here at The Abbi Agency. While the skies can sometimes still get a little cloudy, our team always seems to find a silver lining.


Natalie: “Each and every day at The Abbi Agency you get work with incredibly talented marketing professionals to produce breathtaking work for our clients. I’m so proud to be a part of this team and grateful I’m presented with multiple opportunities to grow as a teammate and person.”

Values Unite Us, Difference Defines Us

At the risk of sounding cliché, we know that our differences make us stronger. How one of us approaches a problem may be totally different to how someone else approaches it, and that’s a pretty cool thing. While we’re all united under the same core values— Fierce, Real, Intentional, Loyal and Agile— different perspectives and experiences will always be crucial for doing what we do best.


Thaison: “The team at The Abbi Agency comes from all walks of life, giving us a diverse perspective on how we tackle challenges and create solutions for our clients.”

A Culture of Community

At The Abbi Agency, we’re more than just colleagues— we’re a community. Personally and professionally, TAA teammates always have each others’ backs! Not to toot our own horn, but we also genuinely care about leaving the world a better place than we found it. It’s a pleasure and an honor to have the chance to better our communities through our continued B Corp initiatives, nonprofit and pro bono work, and more.


Victoria: “I am proud to be part of The Abbi Agency Team, where I have the privilege of collaborating with incredibly creative, smart and fierce individuals. Something that continues to impress me about our company is our amazing culture. We are team-driven and are all willing to help each other to get things done – which is something I’m appreciative of.”

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We keep saying “team” a lot, and it’s not poor copyediting— it’s because we really think it’s that important! Teamwork is at the foundation of everything we do, and where we believe the path to greatness truly lies. Whether we’re celebrating a win or mourning a loss, we do it together, and with a whole lot of collaboration, creativity and heart.


Darius: “The teamwork and creativity that flows through this agency is incredible to be a part of. We always take care of each other and support one another, which establishes such a fulfilling work environment.”

Sounds like a pretty good gig, right? Our team thinks so too. Thanks for reading a little about what makes The Abbi Agency such a special place to work; click here to explore our open job opportunities, or click here to get in touch and start making some marketing magic together.