What Is DGS

It started as an informal, slightly profane call to arms within the agency. Soon, it was an anthem, a rallying cry embraced by every team member.

Three words, one asterisk, and a whole lot of heart — that’s Do Good Sh*t. 

It’s our reminder to seek out causes that need our support, and throw our backs behind the work that truly matters.

So what actually falls under this brash umbrella? Non-profit work, pro-bono projects, straight-up charitable giving. This is our way of leading efforts we believe in, supporting powerful causes, sparking and growing world-changing ideas. The Do Good Sh*t spirit runs through every facet of our agency. But here it has its own home — a place where we give back and pay it forward with passion and purpose.

1,243 Volunteer Hours across TAA
Moonridge Foundation Philanthropy Leaders Summit
Food Bank of Northern Nevada – Imagine Ending Hunger Campaign
Comunities in Schools Gala 2023 – Lace Up Creative Campaign
Boneito-Noahs Private Label Collaboration Public Relations
Churchill Arts Council Web Page Updates
UNR Alumni Chapter Annual Engage Veterans Event Public Relations
Northern Nevada Pride Parade Event Marketing
Sports 4 All Web Page Updates

How Can We Help You Do Even More Good Sh*t?

Get in touch with our all-star altruists. We promise they’re a ton of fun to work with, and powerful partners for causes that make the world a better place.