Welcome to
The Abbi Agency.

Let’s change the world together.

So let’s just start by saying we’ve never been an agency to follow the herd, to churn out glossy, one-note advertising campaigns that drive endless consumption. From our earliest days we’ve thought differently, acted differently and believed that an agency can reach higher and move beyond the tired practices of the past. This is who we really are. Dedicated to causes larger than ourselves. Captivated by ideas that can change our world. True to the stories that transform tomorrow into something better than today.


At The Abbi Agency our
B Keepers are a part of our
B Keeping Society. They are
the stewards of the vision
and bring our work as a
B Corp to life.



We envision creating successful communities and clients through creativity, sustainability, and passion.


The Abbi Agency’s mission is to inspire people to discover places, ideas, and opportunities that impact their lives.




In 2022, The Abbi Agency became a Certified B Corporation. We are on a path to new, bold ways to make advertising and marketing a force for good. These are the stories we will tell. It is a return to our rebel roots it is a recommitment to our founding ideals.

Our Community

Do Good Sh*t

It started as an informal, slightly profane call to arms within the agency. Soon, it was an anthem, a rallying cry embraced by every team member.

Three words, one asterisk, and a whole lot of heart — that’s Do Good Sh*t.

It’s our reminder to seek out causes that need our support, and throw our backs behind the work that truly matters. So what actually falls under this brash umbrella? Non-profit work, pro-bono projects, straight-up charitable giving. This is our way of leading efforts we believe in, supporting powerful causes, sparking and growing world-changing ideas. The Do Good Sh*t spirit runs through every facet of our agency. But here it has its own home — a place where we give back and pay it forward with passion and purpose.

Our Environment

Our Commitment to the Environment

Environmental stewardship is a shared responsibility for protecting the environment and minimizing the impact of our daily decisions. The Abbi Agency (TAA) is committed to reducing our environmental impact and ensuring environmental sustainability.

Our People

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Statement for the agency

We are fiercely independent and true to our mission, vision and values— but also fiercely dedicated to diversity, equity, inclusion and leaving the communities we enter better off than we found them. As a woman-owned business enterprise, we understand the importance of elevating voices that are not always readily heard, of extending opportunities for career growth to a diverse workforce, and of practicing cultural humility as we navigate the nuanced needs, wants and perspectives of a vibrant and varied constituency.