Abbi Agency’s Marketing Trends Predictions for 2024

January 9, 2024

2024 is here, which means we’re all back at work ready to seize the day and make this the best year yet. First, however, we invite you to join us for a quick look back. 2023 was the year of Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Barbie all using the art of girlbossing to boost the economy; as a woman-owned agency, we couldn’t be prouder! In other news, the UK crowned a new British monarch for the first time in 7 decades, and we welcomed Brass Tacks Media (our new friends from the UK) to our US-based Abbi Agency family. What a time!

As we dive into our client work for 2024, we decided to kick off the year by taking a look at some up-and-coming trends we’re seeing already— here are a few that caught our attention, and should maybe catch yours too!

Shifts in the Ad Spend Continuum 

2024 already has a couple landmark events on the calendar. Here in the US, the largest event is the upcoming presidential election in November. Not only will we elect a new president for the next 4 years, but leading up to it there’s also expected to be $10 billion (yes, billion with a B!) in ad spend for the first time ever. This huge number means A LOT of campaign dollars will be finding their way into digital advertising. 

But before politics dominate the American news cycle, you can expect most of the world to tune into the 2024 Summer Olympics. The Olympics— returning to Paris for the first time in 100 years— will include the first opening ceremonies hosted outside a stadium, with the Seine River taking center stage for the performance and advertising opportunities. This spectacle will be watched by an estimated 1 billion broadcast viewers. It’s no surprise that NBC ad execs have already reported ad sales well above average, with expected ad revenues of over a billion dollars. Buckle up for a big year in advertising spending!

Source: eMarketer Webinar: Advertising Trends to Watch for 2024

Entering Your #GrowthEra

Gen Z’s Growth Era

Gen Z are self-starters, with 1 in 3 saying that the best way to achieve wealth is with their own company. Needless to say, 2024 will be this generation’s Growth Era. With top priorities like staying healthy (keep an eye on a growing interest in vegan products), exploring career paths, and experiencing the world through travel, word on the street is that top “eras” for 2024 will include:

  • Self-Improvement / Development Era
  • Lucky Era
  • Unapologetically Myself Era

Source: https://about.instagram.com/blog/announcements/instagram-trend-talk 

Deeper Connections

Things are also slowing down and getting personal in 2024, with Gen Z and Millennials looking for deeper connections. Whether they’re scouring TikTok for ways to break the ice with new partners or searching for intimate questions that can help them jump into deeper conversations with friends, relationships of all shapes and sizes are getting more in-depth and more in-person. At the same time, social platforms are now allowing up to 10+ minute videos on their platforms. Longer conversations, longer videos and stronger, more honest bonds with the people around us— what’s not to love?

Source: Pinterest Meet the Emerging Trends of 2024

Laid-Back Locales

This year, people will plan trips that allow them to kick back and take it extra slow. Whether it’s a spa weekend, a visit to an adorable small town or an unplugged getaway at a cabin in the woods, Gen Z and Millennials will be looking for laid-back destinations while also trimming down their itineraries to carve out time for rest. That means fewer nights on the dance floor, and more mornings cuddled up with a cup of tea and a good book. Less shopping, and more unique, authentic experiences straight from the bucket list.

We didn’t forget about you, Boomers and Gen X! These generations will join younger travelers in seeking more laid-back locales, while placing a stronger emphasis on dusty, off-road adventures and camping. These folks are looking to get outside the hustle and bustle of everyday life, trading in everyday stresses for time spent soaking up some natural beauty. Sign us up! 

Source: Pinterest Meet the Emerging Trends of 2024

Some Hot Advertising Trends

The Rise of Voice Search and Conversation Marketing

Hey Siri, did you know that as voice search becomes more popular in 2024 and beyond, brands will need to optimize their websites and marketing materials for voice queries? 

Sorry, I don’t understand.

Ok Siri, we’ll break it down just for you— when it comes to voice searches, local intent is king. Businesses have a big opportunity to cash in on this advantage when it comes to visitors searching while in-market. This goes hand-in-hand with mobile optimization as travelers use their phones to navigate and plan while on the road.

Conversational marketing tools like chatbots and virtual assistants will also become increasingly important for interacting with customers in a personalized and engaging way. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is our cue to address the rather large elephant in the room: AI.

Sorry, I didn’t quite get that.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/rise-voice-search-ai-assistants-implications-marketers/

Spilling the Chat GP-Tea: Personalization Through AI

You know her, you maybe love and/or hate her, she is: Artificial Intelligence.

In 2024, expect to see a rise of hyper-personalization in performance marketing powered thanks to AI-driven targeting. Marketers will have to strike a fine balance between leveraging this new technology and respecting concerns about privacy and consumer trust, but AI-Powered personalization promises to target consumers like never before. 

Ads will now be tailored not just to individual demographics and interests, but also to a user’s specific situation and environment. This is made possible by advancements in AI that analyze data in real-time, including user behavior (browsing history, location data), contextual signals (time of day, weather, user’s emotional state) and predictive analysis (anticipating future needs and desires). In a nutshell, new tech like Spotify’s personalized “Daylist” can now tailor music to the user’s listening habits. Now that’s what we call Screamo Dad-Rock Goblin Mode Dark Cabaret Tuesday Afternoon!

That being said, the rise of AI has made the consumer an adept internet sleuth. Most people nowadays are savvy and better than ever at sniffing out inauthentic marketing efforts. Could a robot do THIS?! It may go without saying that in 2024, humans will still be the best at creating unique, authentic and quality content. So, how can you keep it real? We recommend showcasing employee-generated content, offering human-powered customer service and highlighting testimonials whenever possible.

Source: https://www.cmswire.com/digital-marketing/the-2024-ai-roadmap-for-marketers/

Ad-Supported Streaming Services

In 2024, marketers will need to put their money where their mouth is. AKA, putting their advertising dollars where the viewers are. In 2023, the big four streaming services (YouTube, Hulu, Roku and Amazon) earned more than $1 billion in US Connected TV (CTV) ad revenues, with other streaming services not far behind. With dollars like that, it’s safe to assume that the heyday of streaming service advertising has arrived.

Starting this year, Amazon will introduce an ad tier for its Prime service— and it’s not the only streaming giant to do so. Apple TV+ and 1⁄3 of all streaming services are predicted to add ad-service viewing in 2024. With all the new options, this might just be the year to make the leap into CTV.

Source: eMarketer Webinar: Advertising Trends to Watch for 2024

Every new year brings new ways for us to grow as creatives, marketers and as a company. We love finding new tools to put on our Batman belt of marketing tips, tricks n’ trends— staying on top of them makes sure our clients get the best bang for their buck as we move forward with new campaigns and creative innovations. Whether it’s CTV ads on Hulu or personalized targeting through AI, TAA is always pushing the envelope. In fact, we push it so much that we may need a new envelope soon!

We couldn’t be more excited to see what 2024 brings, and hope you join us for a fabulous new trip around the sun.

If you read all that and are wondering how the heck you implement this marketing magic, don’t worry— we know a guy. Get in touch with our team and start surfing this year’s wave of trends like a pro.