Optimize Your Press Release

July 29, 2020

The internet has acted as a great equalizer when it comes to communications. Media gatekeepers no longer hold exclusive keys to reaching an audience. That doesn’t mean exposure through a credible news source has lost its importance – if anything, it’s even more valuable in an age where anyone can say anything and put it online. But a good public relations strategy involves optimizing your releases so that your message reaches the widest audience possible.

These are some of the steps to take to make sure your release is optimized for maximum findability and exposure:

  • It all starts with writing: The way you write your releases is more important than ever. Think of the types of words that people will actually use when they search for your client’s services or products. Get as specific as possible, and use the words naturally in headlines and throughout body text.
  • Quotes shouldn’t be rote: Can you include a mention from a high-visibility member of the team or a testimonial from a fan of the brand? The more popular that person, the better your search results.
  • People love original data and information: Millions turn to search engines to conduct research. Give them good, original data points and they’ll find their way to your release.

These tactics just scratch the surface of what goes into a searchable press release. There are also considerations around the type of links to include, how to include them and how to phrase them. Your page will benefit from search-engine optimization basics like keywords and specific architecture.

The Abbi Agency has been developing highly targeted, effective and searchable releases on behalf of our clients for years. But the wizards behind the algorithms that fuel search engines are always tweaking things. Their product is the search engine, and their goal is to provide their users with the best experience possible. So our internal experts are constantly monitoring, adjusting and enhancing what we do to provide the search engines with results that satisfy their customers.

Our last piece of advice and the number one rule we follow at The Abbi Agency: Never try to fool the engines by employing shortcuts or misleading tactics. It’s the quickest way to have client sites blacklisted and removed from search results. Yes, it’s complicated and changing, but by sticking to the basics or getting some help from a trusted agency, you can exponentially expand the reach of your press releases.