The Ultimate B Corp Gift Guide

December 15, 2023

Are you holiday shopping for friends, family and loved ones? Are you hankering for gifts that combine great taste with sustainable practices? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at The Abbi Agency, we take great pride in being a certified B Corp, aka a force for good in our communities. In this gift guide, we’ve rounded up a few fabulous gift picks from fellow B Corporations, so your gifts can keep on giving for a long time. And if you pick one of them up for yourself? Well, we promise not to tell.


Perfect For: cold-footed pals – people who require no slip & no slide

Price: $

We all make fun of socks as presents, but who among us doesn’t love a cozy little treat for our feet? This year, go a step beyond socks and upgrade your gift to slippers! A pair of Gripper Slippers from Bombas is the perfect way to bring the warm fuzzy feelings of the holiday to the toes of someone you love. These no-slip, soft-as-a-cloud slippers keep your stompers nice and toasty without making them hot and sweaty. They also happen to be super stylish, coming in a variety of cute patterns and colors.

Check out the Bombas Gift Guide here.


Perfect For: your hippest friend – those on-the-go

Price: $

No matter who they are, your giftee has stuff to carry. Gift your loved one a trusty sidekick and carrier of things that still looks great and fits any occasion— we’re talking about this neat little Hip Pack from Patagonia! Not only does it come in several cool colors and fit keys, a phone and several other smaller items, but it also folds up super small when not in use! Take it to the grocery store, on a hike or along for a night on the town— this bad boy is ready for anything.

Check out Patagonia’s Gift Guide here.


Perfect For: your favorite tea friend – comfy cozy homebodies

Price: $

Next, a gift that’s undeniably steeped in joy. If you have the pleasure of having a tea friend, you know that they appreciate the simple things. They’re kind, down-to-earth and maybe love doing crafts on the weekends. Pick up a Tea Gift Box from Bigelow Tea Company and take the chance to set someone up for some tea time, because you know they deserve it.

Shop Bigelow’s tea gift boxes.


Perfect For: gut health enthusiasts – sensitive tummy havers

Price: $

Soda that doesn’t make you feel like trash after drinking it? Sign us up! If you have a pal who loves delicious flavors and gut-friendly treats, think about picking them up a 12-pack from OLIPOP! Each flavor (there are 12 to choose from!) has been thoughtfully crafted by a team of expert research partners who use a blend of 7 unique botanicals, plant fibers and prebiotics to make their magic. That means good vibes for the tummy, and the taste buds!

Explore OLIPOP Variety Packs.


Perfect For: dairy dodgers – someone who deserves a treat

Price: $

We all know that the folks over at Oatly are pros at making oat milk and irreverent ad campaigns, but did you know they also make frozen desserts? The kind that don’t upset your very delicate and sensitive tummy? We think picking up one of their pints, dipped bars, mini cups or soft serve cartons is the perfect way to show your dairy-averse friends that you’re thinking about them. Disclaimer: if you accidentally buy them a carton of oat milk instead, we do not accept responsibility.

Start shopping Oatly’s delicious frozen desserts.


Perfect For: lovers of comfy casual chic – thrifting champions

Price: $$

Help your loved ones score some style points while also showing love for Mother Earth! Athleta’s Preloved collection is made up of threads that have gone the distance, and are ready to do it all over again. According to their site, 85% of clothing in the US is either sent to a landfill or incinerated, instead of being reused. Help stop this toxic cycle by gifting something from the Athleta Preloved collection, which includes everything from leggings and athletic shorts to blazers and jackets. 

Start shopping Athleta’s preloved collection.


Perfect For: self-care extraordinaires – locks that need some lovin’

Price: $$

A hair care gift set from Davines? Moderately expensive. The gift of a good hair day? Priceless. No matter what kind of hair you’re shopping for, Davines will have a beautifully-made product to help their locks shine. They specialize in luxe hair care, carefully designed, formulated and crafted at their headquarters in Parma, Italy (also, fun fact, where parmesan cheese is from). Treat a special someone to one of their holiday gift sets and send off some spa-level self care.

Check out Davines Holiday Gift Guide.


Perfect For: lovers of tasty bevvies – non-alcoholic connoisseurs 

Price: $$

Cheers to a non-alcoholic good time, and to non-alcoholic beer that doesn’t taste like it was brewed with pond scum! From crisp and fruity sparkling waters to smoky stout-inspired brews, a case of the good stuff from Athletic Brewing Company is the perfect gift for pals who don’t partake, and even the ones who do. Build your own case and choose from essential Athletic brews in addition to any available seasonal releases, pilot styles and collaborations.

Build an Athletic Brewing Co. case.


Perfect For: lovers of luxury – ethical indulgers

Price: $$

Sometimes, the practice of luxury crosses the boundary into art. That’s how we feel about every product at Aesop, where skin, hair and body products turn into symphonies of self care. Quartets for body beautification, tuneful trios for regimen restoration— the whole band is here! Treat a loved one to a gift kit that is not only carefully formulated and crafted, but also has the power to transform ordinary routines into melodious rituals.

Explore Aesop’s Seasonal Gift Kits.


Perfect For: carnivorous loved ones – grill masters

Price: $$$

Most of us have a friend, perhaps multiple friends, who would for sure love and appreciate a box of mystery meat being delivered to their doorstep. This year, consider making their wildest dreams come true by ordering them a delicious gift box from Butcher Boy. Choose from a variety of cuts and delectable selections, from king-sized steaks to seafood samplers. No matter what you choose, there’s mouth-watering excellence in every box.

Shop Butcher Box’s Top Holiday Gifts.

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