Hitting A Home Run With Greater Nevada Fields

The team at The Abbi Agency works with top clients all across the country, and it’s a special moment when we’re asked to go to bat for the home team.

And when we hit a home run for the home team? There are few better feelings in the world.

It all started when the folks at Greater Nevada Field asked if The Abbi Agency could create a website that captures all of the magic of the venue in downtown Reno.

Greater Nevada Field is the home to our beloved AAA baseball team, the Reno Aces, and has recently become home to the United Soccer League’s Reno 1868 FC. Not to mention, the technology, amenities and comforts of the 9,100-seat stadium have proven popular for regional and national events ranging from circus performances to concerts to private parties.

Add in some of Reno’s best restaurants and retailers that are located at the stadium, and Greater Nevada Field is the premier sports, entertainment and special event venue in the region.

With all that going on at Greater Nevada Field, our digital team faced a challenge: how to highlight all the offerings at the stadium while allowing users to quickly find the information that they need.

The answer that our team developed, as visitors found to their delight when we launched the new GreaterNevadaField.com, is a masonry-style grid that makes navigation of the site easy. (If you remember your art history classes, this style of design is known as “Mondrian,” because it so resembles the work of the great Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian.)

The homepage grid provides a snapshot of the events that are scheduled at the venue in the immediate future as well a high-level view of all of the events on the calendar for months in the future.

The homepage also displays numerous “featured” events so that users can quickly access premier events and those coming up within the next week. The site seamlessly integrates with all ticketing partners associated with Greater Nevada Field.

For users who want to book the field for a special event, whether it’s a corporate shindig or a circus, the site provides information about the varied event spaces that are available and provides an online inquiry system that simplifies the lives of the event-coordination team at the field.

Pretty cool stuff, all around.

The folks at the field loved our work.

“We have a longstanding commitment to highlight our local community through any and all of our business relationships,” says Eric Edelstein, the president of the Reno Aces and Reno 1868 FC. “When searching for a new site build, we wanted to work with a storyteller who could capture all that we do at Greater Nevada Field. The Abbi Agency was a terrific fit and we couldn’t be happier with the final result.”

But while we’re thrilled that Eric and his team were happy, here is what we like even more: GreaterNevadaField.com isn’t just a well-organized, smooth-functioning site. It’s opening the door for more business at the venue.

In just a month after the new site went live, the number of visitors increased by 12 percent, and the length of time they visited increased by an average of 21 percent. The bounce rate also dropped by 21 percent, a sure sign that users found the site’s design and content engaging.

Those are winning scores, and we’re thrilled that the team at The Abbi Agency played a big part in delivering a win for Greater Nevada Field.

We’d love to create a website that will deliver a win for your team, too. Interested? Contact us.