Nicole Duxbury Social Media Specialist

What I do: Curate social media content for travel and food and beverage clients and handle client communications and project management for social media clients. Manage research and strategy for digital media campaigns and plan and implement digital advertising campaigns through social media channels.

What I’m proud of: Convincing clients of the value and power in social media; moving from background in psychology to becoming the client lead on multiple legacy accounts in the agency; moving into larger roles and management positions on high-profile clients and co-leading the growth of the digital team.

What I love about this industry: Getting the opportunity to walk through the process of how social media works and why it matters; receiving immediate feedback and results from clients’ fanbases; never getting bored as social media is always changing and evolving

What jam describes me: “Let It Go” by Michael Franti & Spearhead | @nicoleduxbury