Abbi Whitaker

December 22, 2017

How many ways can you measure a year? The cast of RENT will give you a laundry list of options; minutes, cups of coffee, sunsets… none of which quite cut it to sum up 2017.

For me, what immediately comes to mind is gratitude – gratitude for the people who put their faith in us to produce on their behalf, and especially for the people who provide the creativity that makes our agency hum. As the year comes to a close, I’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season, thank our clients for their business, and most importantly, express my appreciation for the team who makes it all happen.

Together with the 27 Abbi Agency team members, we’ve emerged from a year filled with RFP deadlines, developing websites, building brands, composing content, planning and executing special events and press trips, educating community members, creating s social presence and jumping geographical lines to best serve our clients and communities. We love what we do, and are driven by a passion to create, influence, and be a catalyst for the success of those who gift their work to our agency. Here are a few of our favorite accomplishments, in and out of the office.

We Went Worldwide

When not in the office, we traversed the globe, traveling along the West Coast, and even going as far as China and Ethiopia. And of course, our beautiful state was at the center of everyone’s travels – hot springing trips in Pershing County (oh, and we made the site, too! Click the link), camping at Cathedral Gorge, hiking in Red Rock Canyon – we’ll never get tired of exploring.

Dribbble Me This

Thanks to our awesome Jr. Art Director Connor, The Abbi Agency not only established and continues to populate our very own Dribbble account, but we were the proud hosts of the first official Dribbble meet-up in Reno.

Video Made Our Clients Stars

Video dominated the agency’s world in 2017. We worked with clients to tell the stories of their customers, visitors, and products in a compelling and authentic way. Each time we step behind the camera (with some very talented videographers), we’re honored to have the opportunity to change hearts and minds. Check out a few of our crowning jewels!

Welcome to Nevada

When I Grow Up

Family Fun, Goleta Style

Oasis Academy Recruitment

Press, Press & More Press

Yep, we have that covered, too! From the New York Times to Bloomberg, and of course the awesomeness of working with local media, we understood the power of a media placement and shared the amazing stories of our clients to reach new levels of success.  

Hot-Air, Hot Rods, Hops and Hard Hats

It’s not always about working in the office for The Abbi Agency, the Events Team gets downright in the trenches (with multiple outfit changes per day) to execute events that our clients can be proud of. This year, our clipboards led us to new adventures, including soaring in a hot-air balloon at The Great Reno Balloon Race, putting the pedal to the metal in a Drift Car at Hot August Nights, HOP’ing over to the dance floor at CANFEST, breaking new ground on Reno developments and finding the perfect catering order!

Oh, What a Web We Weaved

Our company grew significantly in our digital offerings, as our team developed new competencies in web development, search engine marketing and optimization, and more. Large web development projects like the new Fly Reno Tahoe and Explore Butte County websites created exciting new opportunities for the future of our clients.

Friendly New Faces

As our client base and service offerings grew, so too did the team that makes all the magic happen. Throughout the year, we welcomed a new Public Relations Manager in Ashley Brune, a Director of Content in Marc Oakley, Project Managers in Chris Brummer and Kami Oliceragui, a Digital Designer in Lou Delgado, a Director of Social Media in Steven Z. Smith, plus social and account coordinators A.J. Miller, Liset Puentes, Katie Ashworth, Kody Kitchener and Vivian Ngyuyen. Needless to say, it’s been more than a little lively around the office.

Our Team Evolved

Not only did we welcome new faces, but our team members also learned new skills, took on new responsibilities and occupied new roles. Some of the people on the move in our company included:

Ashley Brune, whose wide-ranging competence in all things PR saw her quickly ascend to the role of Director of Public Relations.

Connie Liu, whose expertise in public affairs and engagement helped her step into the role of Director of Public Involvement.

Connor Goicoechea, whose artistic eye elevated him to the role of Jr. Art Director.

Christopher Brummer, whose wealth of digital platforms and project management expertise helped him step into the role of Digital Production Manager.

Caroline McDermaid continued to build on her arsenal of tactical and digital abilities, embodying the traits she needed to become the agency’s Digital Director.

Haley Gibbs built up her range of public relations skills, developed rapport with key clients and took on the role of Account Executive.

Finally, Thaison Kawal sharpened his aesthetic eye and enriched leadership capacity, taking his next career step and transforming into the agency’s Creative Director.

Our team members also enjoyed personal successes off the clock, including the completion of undergraduate, and graduate level college programs; serving communities in Ethiopia; welcoming new relatives; moving in with partners and landing their dream jobs (here with us).

Facing the Future

In the year ahead, our teammates are looking forward to learning, sharing, and growing more. From launching large scale projects, to losing weight, getting puppies, buying homes, taking road trips and laying roots down. For us, the sky isn’t the limit—it’s another foothold on the climb to the future.


While we rock out in the new year, we’ll do it just like we did the last: with the boldness, creativity and originality it takes to forge uncommon ideas and march to the beat of our own drums.

Speaking of marching to the beat of our own drums, we invite you to enjoy our favorite songs of 2017.