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What I learned from #vegastech

What I learned from #vegastech
December 27, 2012

When someone said Vegas, I automatically thought of expensive cocktails, scantily clad women
and GQ style 20 something’s grinding away to techno music at various ultra lounges on the
strip. I didn’t think of local coffee shops crowded with developers, VC’s and techie enthusiasts
helping to nurture a tech revolution in Sin City. The Vegas Tech scene is booming. And anyone
who isn’t paying close attention is behind the curve.

There’s no doubt that Tony Hsieh, the famous Zappos CEO, has a lot to do with spearheading
and spurring the tech movement in Las Vegas. His passion and commitment to downtown,
young entrepreneurs and the desire to help make Vegas into an urban dweller paradise is the
catalyst for much of the change. But if you spend some time integrating you’ll see that that
Tony is just the beginning. What he has nurtured and created is a community with a mind of
its own; a community that is constantly evolving and running full speed ahead brimming with
new leaders, passionate ideas and the desire to work hand in hand with each other and nurture
the successes of one another. Vegas Tech isn’t a pipe dream — it could be the key to Nevada’s
economic success in the future.

Since the Vegas Tech community uses Twitter to communicate with the #vegastech I thought
I would try to gather a list of the people, ideas and events that are helping to shape the
community. Get involved in the conversation — this group of people will welcome you with
open arms. But remember that a community is a two-way street. Listen, learn, engage, advise,
comment and be part of what is happening there.


Tech Cocktail

Media company focused on tech startup events, news & entrepreneurial resources. Join us!


DC CHI LAS SF BOS LA NY · http://tech.co


Community Help and Events for Technology Entrepreneurs. Save your spot at the next event!
Mail list http://eepurl.com/dg5WY

Las Vegas · http://lv.launchup.org/


Vegas Young Professionals – Where YP’s come to Network, Socialize and Have Fun

Las Vegas, NV · http://www.vegasyp.com

TBAN Las Vegas

TBAN proactively fosters high-tech growth in Nevada by assisting high-tech start-ups in finding
the talent, customers and financing they need to be successful.

Las Vegas, NV · http://www.TBAN.us

Downtown Podcast

Want to know what’s happening in Downtown Vegas and #VegasTech? Check back every week
for updates, interviews and more.

Las Vegas · http://downtownpodcast.tv

The Las Vegas Jelly (casual co-working). We’ll meet, work, chat, and interact. Every Thursday
from 7pm – 12am @TheBeatLV. Tweets by @ShavonnahTiera



LaunchKey is a cybersecurity startup evolving user authentication and killing passwords through
physical authentication on your smartphone.

Las Vegas · http://launchkey.co


Next gen mobile payment processing for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. #startup https://


ALICE Receptionist

ALICE, the future of your front desk or lobby. This 2-Way virtual video receptionist was named
@Inc Magazine’s Top Gadget of 2012.

#VegasTech, Nevada · http://www.AliceReceptionist.com


Our iPhone app helps you discover gatherings you’ll care about in your city. We’re a proud
member of #VegasTech & the burgeoning #ShiftVegas movement.

Las Vegas, NV · http://ayloo.net


Simple surveys to give to friends

Las Vegas, NV · http://wedgies.com

Digital Royalty

We work w/corporate brands, sports teams/leagues, athletes & celebs to develop social media
strategies. Founder: @AmyJoMartin. www.digitalroyalty.com

Depends on the day. · http://www.digitalroyaltyuniversity.com


Ticket Cake is a start-up company that makes selling event tickets online a piece of cake.
#vegastech Tweets by @DylanJorgensen, @JackieMJensen, and @JoeHenriod



Events + Social Media = tabeso #tabus #vegastech @joeherreralv @chadnramos @oddie81
@taylor___prince @mrarturotrejo @slaythepony

Downtown Las Vegas · http://www.tabeso.com


Vegas Tech Fund

VegasTechFund is a seed stage investment fund focused empowering amazing founders and
startups passionate about building community in downtown Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV · http://vegastechfund.com


Small business co-working access to the world’s most advanced technology ecosystem,
proximity to industry relationships, and paths to seed, growth and exit cap

Las Vegas, Nevada · http://www.innevation.com

Downtown Project

We are passionate people helping to transform Downtown Las Vegas into the most community-
focused large city in the world.

Downtown Las Vegas · http://downtownproject.com


The official account of SxVegas, a series of events taking place at SXSW Interactive 2013. The
goal: promote and advertise the thriving #VegasTech community.

Las Vegas, NV · http://www.sxvegas.com/


Events + Social Media = tabeso #tabus #vegastech @joeherreralv @chadnramos @oddie81
@taylor___prince @mrarturotrejo @slaythepony

Downtown Las Vegas · http://www.tabeso.com


Mike Yoder

Technology entrepreneur. Technology startup owner. Community contributor. Music junkie.
Starbucks addict. @sxvegas organizer

Las Vegas · vizify.com/mike-yoder

Andy White


I’m an entrepreneur, angel investor, and active in the #VegasTech ecosystem, working with
@VegasTechFund, and part of @DowntownProjLV. http://www.downtownproject.com

Las Vegas, NV · http://www.LeanStarter.com

Rick Duggan

Father of @ethanduggan. Entrepreneur. Mentor. Dir Website Systems @ Zappos IP. Breakouts
@VegasJelly. Lover of #VegasTech.

Las Vegas, NV · http://vegasstartups.com

Adam Kramer

I live in Vegas….and no, not that one in New Mexico. #SocialMedia, #Entrepreneurship &
@VegasYP for @LVChamber. Views expressed are my own. #VegasTech lover


Co-Founder/COO of @TicketCake. Producer @DowntownPodcast, Social Media Evangelist
@LaunchUpLV, all things #vegastech. Move fast and break things.

SLC ✈ LAS · http://ticketcake.com

Shavonnah Tièra

Possibility is greater than Probability. Community engineer |Organizer @SWVegas | DOer
@aylooinc | #VegasTech

Vegas!!! · http://www.ayloo.net

Gabriel Shepherd

Tech and Startup Entrepreneur, Community Liaison for @sxsw @sxswv2v, @SxVegas Organizer
and proud member of the #VegasTech community

Las Vegas · http://www.dontsweatdatechnique.com

12 year old author of mobile apps. @LazyHusband Youngest member of VegasTech :)

Hormone health and other things that matter. Lucine’s e-health journal: Hormones Matter,


Skiing powder @FISkiers and doing business @wedgies

John Lynn

Professional Blogger and Former Computer Nerd

Henderson, NV · http://www.healthcarescene.com


CEO & Cofounder @TechCocktail tech startup events, news & resources. Co-creator DCWEEK.
Former AOL & Tribune. Sports fan.

Washington, DC & Las Vegas · http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Gruber_(entrepreneur)

Kristi Overgaard

EVP of Awesomeness for Switch, the world’s largest and most powerful data center and
technology ecosystem. I heart branding and popcorn.


Chief Science Officer at @aylooinc, Caltech drop-out, and a proud member of #VegasTech!
@Skillshare profile: http://ayl.lu/TIQDDq

Web & Media Strategist. Co-Founder and CMO of @tabeso. Proud member and community
manager of @VegasTech.

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  1. John Lynn says:

    It was great having you in Las Vegas Abbi. We look forward to having you back in Las Vegas on a regular basis. It’s an exciting time to be in Vegas Tech.

  2. [...] Las Vegas doesn’t exactly seem like the ideal location for the new Silicon Valley. But thanks to Zappos.com founder Tony Hsieh and SWITCHNap CEO Rob Roy, it’s quickly becoming the breeding ground for tech’s newest all-stars. Hsieh started the Vegas Tech Fund and runs the Downtown Project; two organizations that aim to improve and build the entrepreneurial community in downtown Las Vegas while funding tech start-up’s that choose to exist there. Roy completed construction on The InNEVation Center, a co-working space that provides amenities to start-ups, including business, technology, political, and funding networks. Both entities have supported Las Vegas in becoming the next major tech hub of the US. Some of the start-ups that are leading the revolution are TicketCake.com, Wedgies, ALICE Receptionist, LaunchKey, and Ayloo. The excitement around the transition of Las Vegas is put best by the CTO of TicketCake: “I feel sorry for anyone who drives through Las Vegas on their way to the Valley.” You can read more about our trip and thoughts on Vegas Tech by visiting Abbi’s blog post. [...]

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