How Wedding Planning Taught Me PR Basics

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By Stephanie Myers

Before I started my content marketing internship at The Abbi Agency, I had experience planning weddings. Yes, the job is absolutely as fun as it sounds but it has also helped me develop my basic pr knowledge. The skills I learned designing and coordinating weddings come into play every day in the public relations industry. Understanding how large events, like weddings, work is very similar to knowing how communication campaigns function. To a bride no detail is too small yet there are some big things that every professional should keep in mind…

Don’t Create A Bridezilla

There is never a good time or place for a bridezilla. Whether it is a bride or a motor oil producer, the goal is to have a happy client. Angry people rarely want to listen to ideas, let alone pay money for them. Being polite and respectful is vital in order for recommendations to be heard with an open mind. No matter where the client stands it is important to maintain a sense of diplomacy.  Otto von Bismarck said, “even in a declaration of war one observes the rules of politeness.” Rudeness to a client will result in a communication halt and stop all progress in its tracks, which isn’t good for anyone.

Break Tradition

The modern bride is all about breaking tradition and incorporating new details, just like pr professionals. Traditional forms of public relations are still the backbone of the industry, but new platforms are being incorporated to create an additional depth to campaigns. Innovative ideas are being brought to social media, guerrilla marketing and hyper-local events to supplement information on television, print and radio. Remember, it is important to know the rules before they are broken. Understanding that the foundation of a campaign is traditional media is a good place to start before putting a company’s personal touch on their communication plan.

Be Consistent

Consistency is important in both color schemes and business messaging. Too many colors mixed together appear messy and confusing. This idea applies to the content that a business or organization sends out into the world. There needs to be one intended message free from cluttered communication. A health food company does not need to be blogging about wild party nights when they could be writing about healthy cooking and morning yoga to more effectively communicate their purpose.

Taste The Cake

Going with a bride to taste cake flavors is crucial because excitement and pretty frosting often masks the true flavor of the cake. It takes a clear mind looking in from the outside to really experience the quality of baked goods. The same idea is applied when choosing paper for gala invitations, scissors for a ribbon cutting or glassware in a restaurant. The client may really love the presentation but is blinded by personal preference and chooses products that contradict with the desired message. For example, small spoons would be a terrible choice for a restaurant marketing their soup as the signature dish. It is important for pr professionals to take a good look at the details to ensure that each choice supports the overall goal.

There usually aren’t gobs of tulle or burlap table coverings lying around the office but these pointers can be found at the bedrock of many successful communication plans. Now, if only there was a strategic reason behind having cake tastings in the office every Friday…

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