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The Abbi Agency is proud to announce the completion of three large-scale web development projects on the behalf of some of our cherished clients in the commercial, municipal and nonprofit sectors.


Among these web development projects are an overhauled multifunctional website for the City of Fallon; an e-commerce website for the Terra Vigna wine club; and the interactive, informational Healthy Young NV campaign website for Immunize Nevada.


Headed up by Digital Department leads Caroline McDermaid and Alax Vong, these web development projects demonstrate just a handful of the capabilities that The Abbi Agency is now able to execute for its client base. Each of these websites retain mobile-responsive interfaces, SEO integration and a focus on seamless user experience (UX), aligning them with today’s web standards.


City of Fallon

Government compliant web development in partnership with the City of Fallon.

For the City of Fallon, The Abbi Agency developed a website which integrates a number of key municipal services into the site’s architecture, including access to the city calendar, financial records and bill-pay. The firm worked collaboratively with the City of Fallon to build a secure, convenient and government-compliant solution that now acts as a one-stop service hub for residents and visitors of Fallon alike. View the full website at http://www.fallonnevada.gov.


Terra Vigna

Web development for Terra Vigna, a modern, international wine club.

The Abbi Agency’s digital department worked in tandem with the agency’s creative and PR teams to devise and deliver a multichannel branded experience for the Terra Vigna International Wine Club. This web development project focused primarily on seamless usability, data-capture and the integration of an e-commerce platform, creating a new brand and point of sales for Terra Vigna, a subsidiary brand of Sierra Nevada Imports. View the full website at http://www.terravigna.com.

Healthy Young NV

Web development for Healthy Young NV in partnership with Immunize Nevada.

Finally, for Healthy Young NV, the digital team worked to build a campaign-centric website that catered to a specific range of demographic personas. By identifying the common internet behaviors among teens, tweens and young adults, The Abbi Agency was able to deliver an effective informational engagement platform to deliver health-related information to Nevada internet users in each age group. See the full website at http://www.healthyyoungnv.org.


About the Abbi Agency’s Digital & Web Development Services


Since 2013, we have gradually expanded our portfolio of services from public relations and social media to include a range of expert digital practices such as search engine optimization, digital media buying and web development. Each new service category is supported and executed by a full-time, in-house team.


“Websites and digital services have become central to every campaign or brand we work on,” Allegra Demerjian, the agency’s Client Strategist said. “With this need, our experience in the web and digital field has expanded, and we are thrilled at the websites our digital team has launched.”


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As the marketing and public outreach industries evolve, we understand that quality brand experiences must be carefully executed across a range of owned and earned media. By offering new and existing clients an in-house web development solution that is data-driven, cost-effective and intelligently aligned with specific performance indicators, we are making sure that we’re well-prepared to position our partner brands at the cutting-edge of best practices in marketing and PR.


The Abbi Agency can help your brand build, enhance and optimize its digital presence across the web. Contact us today to learn how.

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