The Top 5 Food Trends we Spotted at the Fancy Food Show

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Written by Molly Livingston and Marissa Schwartz

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We came, we ate, we conquered.

Every year, the foodie masses descend onto the Moscone Center in San Francisco to eat their hearts out at the Fancy Food Show. What is the Fancy Food Show you ask? It’s the West Coast’s largest specialty food and beverage trade show, so in other words, #AllTheFood.

We spent two days wandering the 215,000 square foot showroom floor, visiting the 1,500 exhibitors and logging more than 40,000 steps (AKA 20 miles) on our FitBits.  Here’s what we saw:

Swanky Shrooms

In the world of gourmet foods, there is one treasure that is literally and figuratively worth its weight in gold. See those bite size pieces of, well, fungus. Yeah, that’ll run you about $10,000. Mushroom, specifically truffles, were everywhere at the Fancy Food Show. From Candy Cap Mushroom Cheesecake (say that ten times fast!), portobello raviolos to truffle macaroni and cheese, the fungus is on fleek this year!

Swanky2 Swanky1

Flower Power

We’re months away from spring, but florals were in full bloom at the Winter Fancy Food Show. We sampled fresh organic hibiscus teas, elderflower cordials and more. The Davidson’s Organic Tulsi Rose Petal tea was perfect for a rainy San Francisco day – we definitely know what we’ll be brewing for our next Downton Abbey tea party night!


Chocolate + Spice

Kicking chocolate up a notch with spices like cinnamon and cayenne pepper was all over the dessert portion of the show. We basically learned you can’t go wrong when pairing rich chocolate with a touch of spice – whether you go with a touch of cinnamon or a full blown cayenne kick. Our personal favorites included Steve’s Mexican Chili Chocolate ice cream and Donsuemor’s newly-launched chocolate cinnamon Sable.

Choc1 Choc2


Ready, set, GO! Do you find yourself constantly searching for your next meal? Looking for a snack or meal that’s easy, convenient and delicious? So are a lot of people–this trend was everywhere at the Fancy Food Show. We spotted single serve on-the-go french toast and single serve jalapeno cream cheese, just to name a few.


Locally Harvested

Did you know that 45% of Specialty Food consumers buy foods that are locally sourced? Considering where the food industry was just a decade ago, that’s A LOT. Food that is locally sourced integrates production, processing, distribution and consumption on a small scale (thanks to the folks at the Fancy Food show for that tid bit of info). Most consider the term “local” to mean produced, farmed, harvested or made with a 150 mile radius of where the product is packaged or served. Why is locally sourced food so popular? Mostly because consumers are interested in knowing where food comes from. Makes sense to us. Our Favorite example of this was the Organic Napa Valley Heirloom Tomato company’s Blood Mary mix. Brunch anyone?


In closing…

While not a trend, we think it’s worth mentioning that we ate crickets with this grasshopper gal – and Tyler Florence was there.


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