The Purse Chronicles, part 1

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Welcome to the first installment of The Purse Chronicles! This month we are taking you into the world of Krystal Tingle’s leopard print (GAP issue) purse. Here you will find (or get lost in) the items that help her navigate her days. The life of a PR pro can start with a morning run and take you to a dinner date, with a couple of meetings in between. You might gather that Krystal adores lip color and bright accessories- and you might also wonder how she writes in her books with no pen- that is what the lip colors are for. The following are her own reflections on her items. Forward (generously) provided by Leah.

Beaded purse: because only Krystal Tingle carries a purse in a purse.

Yellow patent leather business card holder: repurposed as a credit card holder.

Cracked iPhone 4: I’m still making my way to the Apple store to buy the white iPhone 5.

Snake skin phone case: not sure why it’s not on my phone

Paul Frank tin of banana mints: mints are done; tin too cute to toss.

Single car key: I went running yesterday. Didn’t want to hassle with a bunch of keys.

5 lip sticks: a color for each mood; Nude Matte for Mondays, Eden Rouge Red for Fridays.

PRSA Strategist: need to read. Love the cover.

Sunset: now pitching.

Shine Your Light journal: staying inspired and writing.

Spiral notebook: I love writing things down, over and over and over again.

Pink planner: doesn’t keep me as organized as it should.

Random business cards: just got a new mentee. Impressed she had biz cards.

Hot pink book: “Can I Have and Do It All Please?”—still figuring this out.

To Do List: It’s blank. Go figure.

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