Teeing Up: How Design Cohesion Creates Quality Branded Experiences

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The Client

Duncan Golf Management is a major name operating behind the scenes in the Reno Golf Community. They own three of our most prominent golf courses: Lakeridge, Wolf Run, and Dayton Valley. Beyond their ownership duties, Duncan Golf Management also oversees the courses in Fallon and Tahoe city.

Over the years the company’s brand and logo began to show its age. The visual identity of Duncan Golf Management began to look dated in comparison to emerging trends in design, and the company’s web holdings were disparate–with separate websites for each property that made functions like booking, contact and other elements of user experience difficult to track.

Duncan Golf Management - Logo Comparison

To rectify these issues, The Abbi Agency introduced new energy and a fresh perspective, shifting the direction of the company’s brand toward a new generation of golfers. Doing away with the emphasis on the “DGM” acronym, the new logo highlights the Duncan name while integrating clean golf iconography–while the updated website puts functionality, beauty and brand unity at the fore..

The Plan

Building a fresh, new logo was an important part of revitalizing the Duncan Golf Management brand, but we knew that other challenges were ahead. Chief among them was to create a web design strategy that would integrate the multiple brand identities of each course under the Duncan Golf Management umbrella.

The main functional goal of the website was to allow users to book tee times online, create a database of submissions to reach their new targeted demographic, and consolidate the numerous microsites currently floating around into one site with a unified user experience. This would give users the opportunity to explore all courses managed by Duncan Golf in one easy location and make tracking easier for the client.

Duncan Golf Management Courses


Another important goal was to emphasize the impressive visual profile of Duncan Golf Management’s properties via its digital assets. We felt that an updated view of the brand’s properties on the web would be beneficial to users seeking to choose a new venue to golf.

The Process

We began this process by conducting an audit of the 20+ domain names owned by Duncan Golf and deactivating all unnecessary accounts. Next, we devised a content strategy using a hierarchy that would showcase the “premiere” Duncan Golf Management properties, while still highlighting those courses that are only managed by Duncan Golf.


To creatively tie the look together, we deployed a uniform design language featuring layout and content to every premiere course. We decided that imagery was the best way to display each course’s uniqueness and worked with the client to get high-quality photography with a distinct style that would work for every course.

The Result

In the end, we built a site that prioritizes its visual elements and works well to show the beauty of each Duncan Golf Management course. The overall design maintains DGM’s brand identity while still managing to highlight each of the sub-brands. This update not only updates the visual profile of the Duncan Golf Management properties–it also serves the combined function of funneling web traffic to a single point rather than dispersing it amongst many disconnected locations – increasing the brand’s search presence.

Click here to see DGM’s new website for yourself

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