Stir Up Success: PR Companies Should Work with Food Bloggers

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Food Bloggers Benefit Your Brands

With over 400 million monthly users on Instagram and 200 million posts with #food since the platform’s inception, clearly, our modern relationship with food has become a major part of daily life. The rise of the “food blogger” is helping change how food and news is consumed. From blogs covering lesser known diets, reviews of niche hole-in-the-wall restaurants and homemade recipes coming straight from the heart, food bloggers connect audiences with food in ever changing ways. Connecting with these blogs is a great form of exposure for many brands.

So yes, destinations, packaged goods and lifestyle brands recognize this niche media market and are trying to connect, but how can your voice break through the noise? For starters, 88% of the 50 food bloggers we surveyed from across the county will work with PR people. This is one of the things The Abbi Agency learned after surveying these influential food bloggers. Here are a few more key takeaways as well.

What PR Companies Should Know About Working With Food Bloggers

Food is part of a lifestyle: 30% of food bloggers revolve content around lifestyle, with food in the forefront.

Compensation is key: Many bloggers started because of a passion for food and keeping the authenticity of content is incredibly important. Even then, 60% of these bloggers said that yes, they are open to the idea of pushing outside content, so long as compensation is involved.

Make a connection: While many bloggers are aware that PR people talk with a great number of contacts every day, a little personalization goes a long way. Using the blogger’s name is a great way to start a conversation. Make sure content fits with the blogger’s audience. This means you will need to know the ins and outs of the product as well. For example, if a food blogger is gluten-free, make 100% sure samples are as well before sending out, especially for less obvious products such as a desert tea containing barley.

Reach niche audiences: In general, the majority of food bloggers we surveyed have less than 10,000 followers on the major social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. With such a wide variety of digital outlets nowadays, this is a great opportunity for exposure to thousands within a niche market who may become loyal followers of your own brand when presented with strategic and targeted content.

Check out our infographic with more data below:



If you are a brand looking to reach new audiences or a food blogger looking for new opportunities to connect with brands, The Abbi Agency is the perfect bridge to cross that gap. Check out some of the brands our PR team has been working with here

Written by Connie Liu and Rob Nellis

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