Social Marketing: The One Hard Question You Have To Ask

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When all is said and done, marketing initiatives exist to drive sales and increase the bottom line. Naturally, this includes social media marketing. But while sales are the goal, social media’s relationship to the bottom line are more complicated than posting on a platform and watching the cash roll in. People just don’t respond well to hard sells in that space.

That said, marketers aren’t off the hook when it comes to building customer journeys and tracking how their efforts correspond tangibly to sales. In fact, it’s just the opposite. As marketing budgets increase, CMO responsibility increases. Consequently, marketing executives are on double duty: they have to craft deftly-targeted digital campaigns and clearly articulate their value in a way that the C-suite understands—putting “engagements” on the shelf and showing the direct relationship between social strategy and sales.

Read my Forbes Agency Council article on how and why brands should align sales goals with social media by clicking here.

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