ShortStack University: Facebook Pages made easy

Topics: Digital, Social, Web


Reading Time: 1 minutes

By Laura Brigham, summer intern

Having a personal Facebook account is a casual endeavor. People don’t expect it to be perfect – just campy Instagram photos, memes and what everyone is listening to on Spotify. But a business Facebook Page is another matter. This isn’t just for fun, it’s your business. The page has to present a professional, polished, I-know-what-I’m-doing feel.

So what do you do if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to getting your business on Facebook? ShortStack University is for you.

ShortStack, a Reno-based custom Facebook application platform, has launched a free beginners’ guide to Facebook Pages. This series of YouTube videos (none longer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds and most closer to a minute and a half) takes the trepidation out of Facebook Pages one quick lesson at a time.

ShortStack University answers all those scary, first-timer questions:

  • Can I keep my personal Facebook account and my business Facebook Page separate? (Class No. 2)
  • Can I control who posts on my wall? (Class No. 5)
  • What should I have on my Page and how do I get it there? (Classes No. 9-16)

After watching the 17 videos currently available (about 30 minutes worth), ShortStack University narrator and Facebook smart guy Ben Mach feels like a trusted friend. He’s given me confidence that I can control this daunting beast – the Facebook Business Page – without embarrassing myself or the business I’m representing. According to ShortStack CEO Jim Belosic, ShortStack University will be adding new, succinct videos weekly for a year, moving from basic Page set-up to using Facebook ads, promotion guidelines, EdgeRank and more.

Start ShortStack University now and week-by-week you can grow your Facebook Page into the social media powerhouse it can be for your business.