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Creative and technology are nestling down in one of Reno’s booming districts. Midtown, we’ve arrived.

The Abbi Agency is thrilled to announce we’ve dropped our bags, boxes, and Abbi-red furniture at 1385 Haskell Street. With the purchase of our new building, we are expanding our offerings into a full suite of creative services, including website development, branding and graphic design. Additionally, the entire bottom floor of our new building is being leased to technology startup, Onstream, a device autonomy company that launched in August with $2 million in funding from Traynor Family Enterprise.

Until now the Midtown area has been a mixture of retail, restaurants and urban living. The establishment of The Abbi Agency and Onstream is just the beginning of blossoming business enterprise in the area.

The great accessibility and cost of doing business in Nevada has enabled us to purchase property that would be financially inaccessible in any other large city. Being able to buy this building in an area full of great potential is a privilege and opportunity that is unique to Reno and Nevada.

And more than just our address has changed.

Over the last seven years The Abbi Agency has grown from a small public relations company to a full service agency focused on helping brands tell their stories through different channels. Telling a story is about developing an authentic relationship with an audience through visual and influencer-driven storytelling and a 360-degree perspective. Our renewed brand reflects that 360-degree approach to telling your story.

We look forward to the next seven years to come. As we continue to evolve, from renters to buyers, and public relations to full creative, we will continue striving to put the Midtown area on the map as an epicenter of innovation, creative energy, and technology.

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