Micro-moments: Using mobile to close the sale

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While we were watching Game 7 of the NBA Finals the other night, I thought about how much we’re all prisoners of the moment these days.

We think the game we’re watching is the greatest game ever. The players are not merely good, they are immortals who will be remembered forever. For crying out loud, they’re even creating legacies — legacies! — right before our eyes.

And by a week from Tuesday, we’ll move onto another moment, just as great and just as filled with the creation of even more legacies.

We often think we are involved in large moments, but most of them are transitory, gone in a news cycle or two.

Meanwhile, the moments that are truly important to brands — moments that probably will determine the success or failure of a product — occur quietly hundreds of million times a day. Smart use of public relations tools differentiate the brands that become winners in these moments.

Google suggests that we need to focus on the moments when consumers turn to their mobile devices to make a decision. New research finds that these moments are happening with stunning regularity.

Consider: About 82 percent of smart phone users are turning to their phones for information when they are in a store. If you think about it a second, that means that it’s rare these days when smart phone users don’t take search on their phones while they’re shopping, either online or in traditional retail venues.

But how many marketers have developed a mobile strategy that provides information to consumers who are ready to buy right now?

Already, we know that mobile strategy needs to support traditional advertising. A Google survey finds that about two-thirds of smart phone users turn to their phones to get more information about a product they’ve seen on a television commercial.

But shouldn’t a mobile strategy tactically support point-of-sale materials as well?

That question becomes all the more pressing because it’s clear the information that consumers get in the moment they’re ready to buy often moves them significantly. More than half of the smart phone users surveyed by Google have actually changed their purchase intention — buying a product other than the one they originally intended — on the basis of information they pulled up through search.

There’s already heavy demand for the limited real estate in mobile, and most marketers won’t be willing to sacrifice other needs in order to focus on point-of-sale.

But we can’t ignore the point-of-sale moment. That’s where public relations tactics will step in.

PR, after all, is all about building credibility and relationships through trusted sources. Credible information from trusted sources is exactly what consumers want in the final moments before they make a buying decision. They want assurance that they are making a good choice — assurance that is best delivered through a respected voice whose support has been developed through PR.

To take this a step further, Google suggested a while back that video content is a particularly important driver for Millennial consumers who turn to their smart phones in what Google identified as four important “micro-moments.”

Two of the four micro-moments that lend themselves to video content commonly arise when buyers are standing in a store, their hand ready to reach for a product:

  • “I want-to-know” moments that arise when people need to learn something.
  • “I-want-to-buy” moments that help close the sale of a product or service.

(The other two micro-moments include the “I want-to-do” moments that come up when people need specific instructions on doing something and “I-want-to-watch-what-I’m-into” moments that are based on the interest and passions of online video viewers. Both are important to marketers, but less critical at point when consumers are ready to buy.)

Does this all sound complicated? Then picture this: You wonder if the hardware product you hold in your hand is right for your home improvement project. A quick search produces a video in which an expert shows how he used the product to complete a job just like the one you face. Confident, you make the purchase.

Or picture this: You’re ready to buy a couch. You re-watch a vlog from that home décor expert you admire, the vlog in which she talks favorably about furniture exactly like the couch in front of you. The deal is closed.

The challenging part, of course, is identifying influential bloggers and winning their support. And that brings us to the sales pitch of this particular post:

At The Abbi Agency, we’re good at developing these relationships on behalf of brands, and our favorite moments are those in which we can create PR results for our clients.

Give us a call, drop us a line. We can help.


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