“Live Local 12 Days” Giveaway

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I realized how quickly I was speaking, partially because I was excited and partially because I am at the airport catching a flight. So, excuse the speed! The Abbi Agency is mixing up the Christmas giveaway this year; we are featuring all local businesses and hosting it on Pinterest. Our Live Local 12 Days begins December 1 and goes through December 12.

How it works:

1. Go to Pinterest.com and find The Abbi Agency

2. Follow our board “live local 12 days”

3. Each day we will post a pin featuring an item from a local business.

4. For a chance to win, repin the item.

5. We will randomly select one of the re-pinners as the daily winner. We will announce it by commenting on their repin by noon the next day.

Happy Pinning and Merry Christmas!


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