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The results of our 2014 blogger survey are in and, as in years past, the insights provided are both compelling and granular. This year’s responses highlight the many ways in which PR professionals need to improve their pitches and the overall way in which they approach bloggers.

The good news is that we are doing some things right, at least some of the time, but like all things, there is room for improvement. In this blog, we’ll touch briefly on two areas for improvement and then let you turn to our 2014 e-book of blogger results for a more in-depth analysis.

But first, here is a quick look at our survey demographics. We had 121 respondents participate in our SurveyMonkey questionnaire. These bloggers publish in subject areas as diverse as food, health, parenting, travel and other topics. A full 33.61% of respondents have blog readerships that reach or exceed 5,000 subscribers, while 10.92% have subscriber numbers that range between 1 to 200. That’s right. Our blog respondents come from a wide range of fields representing different types of content, varying numbers of readers, and different outlooks. However, many of the messages that we received were the same. Here is a look at two of them.


Bloggers want you to know their name. They want the pitches you send to be relevant to their content and their site. They want to know what your objectives are up front and what you plan to provide them in terms of compensation and giveaways. Most importantly, perhaps, they want you to already have invested the time in looking at their blog content and in thinking about the connections between your pitch and their focus.


Just like the rest of us, bloggers want to avoid the time trap that occurs when wading through e-mail. They want deliverables and they want them to be easy-to-find and clearly identifiable. They also expect PR professionals to treat them as partners, and to follow up with answers, images and content in a timely manner. They want to be able to access what they need and not just what PR professionals are interested in promoting. It’s a give-and-take relationship and one that requires nuanced approaches.

We invite you now to download our e-book and further investigate the things that our bloggers told us about what we are doing right and what we can do better to meet their individualized needs. You’ll find insights into how bloggers are monetizing their sites and also how they are open to expanding PR roles that may only successfully come through mutually beneficial relationships with PR firms and marketers.

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