How to Cure the Pitching Blues

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The in’s and out’s of getting it done when there are so many distractions

Although the West Coast is experiencing unseasonably warm weather, the holidays are inevitably upon us. Journalists are rushing to file their stories before vacations. You, your client, and reporters come down with the cold, ruining interviews and days of pitching. This time of year is hectic and overwhelming for all. Without doing some immediate and fun interventions, you can lose this next month or so to the pitching blues.

Luckily I have worked with people who have been able to help me overcome stalled moments of my pitching life. Even in a dry spell it is important to do what you can do to make sure you aren’t the problem. These tips range from the simplest to the most drastic ways to break the spell.

  1. Go Outside: Take a 20-minute walk, dance a little, do some lunges, say hi to the cute barista down the street. Getting your heart rate up is simple and has immense benefits by getting your endorphins pumping, instantly elevating your mood.
  2. Remove Yourself From That World: Working on a tough B2B client? Stop for 10 minutes. Try reading your favorite travel blog, gossip blog, or play around on Pinterest. Erase your mind of the specific industry, who knows what might be sparked while you’re away.
  3. Listen To Your Favorite Music: Busting out a few notes to your favorite Katy Perry song can help you get a mini break. Fast-paced and up-beat music can subconsciously help you move faster.
  4. Have A Brainstorming Session: In an agency setting, it is likely that others in your office have experience with the client you are pitching. Try talking to them and getting their input on angles and ideas. Changing it up after your brainstorming session is important.
  5. Talk To The Client: Clients who are passionate about their company might be able to relay new information. Simply hearing their excitement could be enough inspiration to get you motivated again.
  6. Get Out There And Try It: If you are able to have a personal experience with the product or service, go try it. It will help you tell more vivid stories as the experience is fresh in your mind.
  7. Find Inspiration Outside Of Work: No matter where you are, be observant of the publications around you: the stories, the flyers, billboards, etc. You might be able to find inspiration in a leaflet or get an idea from an advertising campaign you see unfolding.
  8. Literally Move: Move your workspace. It could be as simple as doing a desk swap at work so you get a new view out of your window, or it could be working from a co-op or a coffee shop for the day.
  9. Change Your Work Hours: Maybe you are just not turned on between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Try waking up early and talking with people in different time zones that you typically have trouble getting ahold of. Maybe Sunday mornings you are particularly on? Try it out.
  10. Do Industry Research: Yes, this is somewhat contradictory to number 2. Diving deeper and learning more about the industry can help make the task of pitching feel less overwhelming. There also may be a trend or a big story developing that can serve as inspiration.
  11. Look At Pictures Of Puppies: This is not a joke. Similar to exercising, looking at pictures of baby animals will help make you smile and be happier.
  12. Switch Clients: If all else fails, try working on a client you have never worked on before. Being challenged by something new can always help with motivation.

To those reading this not in the PR world, these tips may seem like bona fide procrastination techniques. I assure you that all have been tested are very efficient ways to help you come back to work with more vigor and gusto then you thought you had.

Happy Holidays!

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