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If you walk to the back of The Abbi Agency offices, past the apple-red conference table and the bubbly public relations professionals, you’ll encounter a bunch of creative and digital nerds hunched over computer screens. (HR Note: Not all of them are nerds).

While the rest of the agency is dialing reporters or arranging media trips, we’re hammering away on logos, websites, video projects and infographics.

If “websites and logos” in the same sentence as “The Abbi Agency” sounds strange to you; if you thought we were just a PR shop; read on. The nerds have some news for you. (HR Note: The non-nerds also have news for you.)

I think of the content and creative worlds as having this long history of a complex mixture of pride and humility. Growing up as a professional in newspaper reporting and publication design, my colleagues and I willingly referred to ourselves as “ink-stained wretches.” And in that long and proud line of hard-working, product-driven creativity, The Abbi Agency team is expanding a talented team of brand builders, advertising creatives, website designers and engineers.

We’re still young, but we’re talented, driven, ambitious and strategic. And we have the advantage of building these two parts of our company from the ground up in a world dominated by mobile, a brand landscape connected to social media, and an audience hungry for video.

We have the advantage of not having to revamp a team built around the idea of the billboard and the newspaper advertisement. While some of us date back to the ink-stained era of printing presses and newsprint (I, for one) our team is dominated by mobile-first designers, digital thinkers and strategists who know how to orchestrate integrated campaigns.

When we connect these thoughtful creative campaigns with digital applications and mix in our powerful public relations team, we generate incredible results.

Here’s an introduction to four members of our creative team:

David Bunker, Director of Creative Content

Yours truly. My dad was a Georgia hippie who transplanted to California in the 60s and ended up living in the wilds of Big Sur’s Palo Colorado Canyon growing funny-smelling plants and raising goats. My mom was a painter and a refugee from the Midwest who migrated to Big Sur to work at Esalen. I grew up backpacking through the Sierra Nevada, rock climbing in Yosemite and Pinnacles, before moving to Mexico, Spain, Texas, Maryland and then back to the West Coast. I’ve received state and national awards for my reporting and writing during my time as a newspaper reporter and editor in Truckee and Tahoe. More than six years ago, I latched onto The Abbi Agency and never looked back, building award-winning content campaigns, creative campaigns and public relations efforts for technology and travel brands across the West. These days, I work closely with everyone on the creative team on campaign strategy, concepting and execution. In my spare time, I volunteer as a board member of the Sierra Avalanche Center, ride my mountain bike, trail run, snowboard, paddleboard and try to write fiction.

Thaison Kawal, Art Director

Thaison was a painter and a fine artist before he turned his talents to graphic design, and he brings a coveted aesthetic and impressive art direction to the logo, advertising creative, infographic and branding processes. Before coming to The Abbi Agency, Thaison was a production artist for Custom Ink and did freelance design for clients throughout Reno. At the agency, Thaison has built brands from scratch, designed websites, and worked through naming processes and packaging design. In his spare time, he runs, hunts for arrowheads, paints and works on the beautiful beer icons at The Depot restaurant in Reno.

Alax Vong, Designer

Alax can handle anything you throw at him, and do it with an astounding level of quality and precision. Graphic design, logo development, front-end web development, video editing, photography are all within the skillset of the Swiss Army Knife of the creative department. Alax worked as a production artist at CustomInk before coming to The Abbi Agency. He helps the agency integrate creative into new digital platforms, and is an effective bridge between the creative and digital departments at the agency. We occasionally refer to him as “The Swami.” Alax plays and records music in his spare time and is an accomplished guitar player.

Turner Park, Graphic Designer/Social Media Expert

Turner is the newest member of our team, and came to the agency after working for a Portland design firm that specialized in the medical industry. We share Turner with the digital department, but she helps us build out layout projects, advertising and works collaboratively in the logo development and branding process. She excels at creative specifically formatted for social media and digital projects. Turner kickboxes and unwinds at music festivals such as Outside Lands.

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