Client Lessons in Getting Squeezed

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Our profession is about helping our clients. Helping to garner media attention, to develop marketing strategy, and even to understand the ever-changing world of social media. And then there are those instances when our clients teach us a thing or two. These lessons don’t always pertain to our industry or their expertise, but are valuable as the latest PR Daily tool list or the latest and greatest new app.

I recently had the privilege of traveling to Denver, CO to take part in our client’s, Odyssey Teams, largest training solution session with DaVita HealthCare Partners.  As a result of this session, over 1,400 prosthetic hands were assembled to distribute to developing countries, and while this was inspiring, it’s what Odyssey Teams’ facilitator, Lain Hensley, said during the program that was ruminating in my brain on the plane ride home.

Odyssey Teams Food for Thought:

Think of an orange, when you squeeze it what comes out? Juice.

More often than not in the public relations industry we are being “squeezed”: by clients, by colleagues, by deadlines. The point of this analogy is to become aware of what is extracted from you when you are under pressure, or “squeezed.” What comes out of you when you’re squeezed? Is it productivity, kindness and support or negativity, blame and defeat?

In public relations it’s our job to know everything about our clients, but it’s important to remember that they can teach us things that cannot be found in a boiler plate or FAQ.  What have your clients taught you lately?


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