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Maintaining Follower Relationships on Social Media [EBOOK]
Posted By:

One of the main goals of running a social media account is to attract followers. Followers help spread the word of your brand by interacting with your

Driving Social Media Sales [EBOOK]
Posted By:

It can be a challenge to prove the ROI of social media, but one thing is clear: social media has the potential to drive sales. As a brand, social media

[EBOOK] Best Practices in Social Media
Posted By:

Never before have means of communication advanced faster than they are today. Dating back centuries, a town crier was the most reliable source

Weekly Social Media News – October 23
Posted By:

What’s going on in the world of social media for the week of October 23? Burberry shoots Spring 2016 campaign live on Snapchat in a fashion first…

Can Email Harness the Instagram Effect?
Posted By:

Brands send out more than 100 billion emails each year. Untold billions of those end up in the digital trash, and billions more are clicked and then…

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