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Play-Doh, YouTube and the ‘Micro-Moments’ That Drive Consumer Behavior
Posted By:

A personal confession: This afternoon, I came exactly this close to stopping the car, grabbing the iPad out of the hands of my daughter in the back…

Can Email Harness the Instagram Effect?
Posted By:

Brands send out more than 100 billion emails each year. Untold billions of those end up in the digital trash, and billions more are clicked and then…

Avoiding the Media Trash Bin: Why Journalists Won’t Open Your Crappy Email Pitches
Posted By:

During my tenure at The Abbi Agency, I’ve found one truth when it comes to media relations

Weekly Social Media Roundup
Posted By:

Microsoft bought Nokia’s devices & services devision for $7.2 Million…

We’re Hiring: Web Developer
Posted By:

The Abbi Agency is looking to hire a full-time web developer for their Reno, NV office…

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