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Nicole Rose Dion

Nicole Rose Dion

production manager

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Nicole is a small girl with a big passion for helping businesses engage with their customers. Social media savvy and gifted in graphic design, Nicole has the versatile skills necessary to head up a full-fledged multi-media campaign. Whether it is writing a client’s blog post, building Wikipedia pages, creating custom tabs for Facebook or designing a website, she can do anything you throw at her. If she doesn’t know how to do it yet, she’ll figure out a way to get it done. She likes art, design, getting her nerdiness on and creativity in general.

Posts By Nicole Rose Dion

5 Wearables to Watch
Posted By:

I was inspired to write this blog when I saw a picture of the latest in wearable technology, the Moto 360…

Cast Me a Line: The Power of the Podcast
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A few weeks ago I watched a webinar about podcasting from PR Daily to learn how we might…

The Pros & Cons of Membership Websites
Posted By:

The Abbi Agency recently finished working on a membership site for one of its clients…

Why the Advertising World Should Care About Net Neutrality
Posted By:

Do you like watching Netflix? Well, you probably didn’t if you had Comcast a few months ago…

Designing with The Google Font API + 5 free fonts
Posted By:

As a designer who enjoys creating elements for web publication, it has become essential…


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