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The Abbi Agency intern is a rare specimen; one that is derived from copious amounts of zeal, fortitude, and acuteness. They inhabit a special desk in the corner of the office where they’re encouraged to write blog posts, accrue expertise in public relations and social media, and execute an abundance of research. They feed off the ceaseless enterprises given daily and constantly maintain a pleasant demeanor. They’re secretly the coolest person in the office, but don’t tell David Bunker that, he might tweet about it.

Posts By The Abbi Agency

What to Expect as a New Intern
Posted By:

When traveling for the first time into the unknown world of internships, it is common to feel a sense of unsure anticipation

8 Ways to Secure Your Internship
Posted By:

Most of us have been there at some point in our lives

Relationships with Writers: A Love Affair
Posted By:

Developing relationships with writers is very similar to developing relationships with romantic partners

4 Reasons to use Contests on Social Media
Posted By:

It is not enough to simply spit information through different social media channels

How Wedding Planning Taught Me PR Basics
Posted By:

Before I started my content marketing internship at The Abbi Agency, I had experience planning weddings….


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