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Constance Aguilar

Constance Aguilar

strategic communications

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Constance Aguilar understands what makes the technology world tick, and she knows how to get people’s attention. Those two skills alone make her a sought-after social media specialist. But in the constantly evolving world of digital media, Constance also stays in lock-step with emerging online trends that are transforming the way business interact with their customer base.

Whether it is launching tech products for cloud computing clients and Facebook tab builders or helping traditional businesses connect with consumers online, Constance  unlocks the powerful impact of a 21st Century public relations campaign.

Outside of her public relations work, Constance puts her technology knowledge to work writing freelance articles for some of the nation’s leading tech websites, including Social Media Today, SmartBrief and The CMO Site. She also writes for PR Daily and Media Bistro.

From time to time, Constance emerges from the online universe of Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook and turns her skills toward event production. She has nearly single handedly put on one of Nevada’s largest beer festivals (Canfest) and spearheaded the PR for Reno’s beloved bike race The Tour de Nez.

Posts By Constance Aguilar

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