How Advancements In Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Public Relations

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If the concept of artificial intelligence seems alien to you—a thought relegated to science fiction or a distant possibility at best—then it’s possible you haven’t noticed that artificial intelligence that you likely carry around with you on your person each day in the form of your smartphone.

But while Apple’s on-board digital assistant, Siri, is maybe one of the most common forms of artificial intelligence we deal with each day, it turns out that the impact of artificial intelligence won’t likely be limited to helping us carry out simple tasks like parsing our search queries as Siri does when we hold down our home buttons to ask for directions.

Rather, artificial intelligence, harnessing the millions of data points to be found in the mobile-ubiquitous, digital-first world we live in, may soon become even more entrenched in our everyday lives; including for those of us that work in industries that are powered primarily by human cognizance, like public relations.

What does that mean for our jobs, and for the work we do each day? In my view, the outlook is optimistic.

Just read my report over at Forbes to find out more.

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