2015 – A Year in Review

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“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin

Posted at my perch inside our new digs trying to recount all that’s taken place in 2015, there is nothing more that resonates with me than that quote. Funnily enough, Abbi had shared it on her personal Facebook page early in the year. Great minds think alike, right?

I don’t believe a year can be defined in one single moment, or with one simple summary. Each of us will look back on the past 12 months in different ways; some will see it as a collective experience, the good balanced by the not so good, while others will recall nothing but the best, and still some can’t help but focus on only negative.

As an agency comprised of unique and interesting people, our 2015 could be recapped in so many different ways depending on who you ask. It was a year of growth, change, opportunity, and wasn’t without its tests of character and resilience. Now that it’s coming to a close, we all can agree on one thing… we accomplished phenomenal feats we can all be very proud of, both personally and professionally.

We want to thank our wonderful clients, without which we would not be motivated to put our best foot forward every day. We also want to extend a huge thank you to our partners and friends in the community, members of the media who were always willing to listen to our ideas, and the friends and family that supported us through event season, hosting press trips, traveling the country, and burning the midnight oil. Your continued support means the world to us.

It was a year for the books at The Abbi Agency. We settled at our new building in Midtown. Launched a brand refresh to much praise. Assisted in launching a direct flight between New York City and Reno. Secured national coverage on behalf of our state in tourism and business development. Won multiple industry awards for our digital engagement strategies. Welcomed new faces, as well as solidified new departments to become a true integrated agency. And that is just scratching the surface.

Numbers tell part of the story, so below we listed a few metrics we find a great deal of pride in.


But the numbers don’t tell our whole story. It’s the things that motivate us to be so good we can’t be ignored. Therefore we close out 2015 with a collection of our team’s top moments, accomplishments, anecdotes, and more. Check them out and reminisce with us for the last remaining moments of 2015:

Molly Livingston

  • Seeing Florence & The Machine at VooDoo Festival in New Orleans for Halloween with my best friends.
  • Sailing / wine tasting under the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Moving from San Francisco, California to Reno, Nevada.
  • Starting at The Abbi Agency.
  • Having my very first white christmas, ever!

Haley Gibbs

  • Studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic and visited 12 countries and 30 cities, towns and villages while in Europe.
  • Completing my second Tough Mudder.
  • Getting hired as a part-time Account Coordinator by The Abbi Agency.
  • Assisting in planning my first event, The Biggest Little Startup Competition.
  • Embarking on my senior year at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Nicole Duxbury

  • Completing my social media internship at The Abbi Agency.
  • Getting hired as a full-time social content executive.
  • Helping @TahoeNorth reach 20,000 followers on Instagram.
  • Attending four music festivals with my crazy, hilarious, dancing family – Sasquatch, Night In The Country, Outside Lands, and Snowglobe.
  • Attending Burning Man for the second time.
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Michaella Elicegui 

  • Becoming part of the Abbi team in April of 2015.
  • Finishing out my reign as Miss Reno 2015 in November.
  • Becoming an aunt for the second time!
  • Visiting one of the top 5 scariest haunted houses in the world.
  • Rediscovering my passion for fitness.

Allegra Demerjian

  • Traveling to Europe.
  • Getting (and ditching) a hedgehog.
  • Growing the digital team to 2+ social curators and a web developer.
  • Tahoe Ale Trail rocking it online and at Silver Spikes.
  • Launching Durham Ranch’s social presence and killing it with their #1Meat12Ways campaign.

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Connie Anderson

  • Becoming a proud fiancé to a loving, smart, handsome man.
  • Representing North Lake Tahoe in New York City at a highly attended media event.
  • Joining many of my mentors as the recipient of PRSA Sierra Nevada’s Outstanding New Practitioner Award.
  • #TahoeAleTrail – just trust me, look it up.
  • Creating memories through travel with friends and family: New Your City, Monterey, Seattle, Yellowstone, Denver, San Francisco.

Rob Nellis

  • Getting hired at The Abbi Agency as an Account Coordinator.
  • Moving to a quieter and safer neighborhood.
  • Celebrating my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend. D’aww such romance.
  • Landing a coveted spot on the invitation-only Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) team at UNR.
  • Meeting my goal and getting a very hot lead by 2016 after taking over pitching for Center for Hope of the Sierras.

Stephanie Myers

  • Making it through mountain biking in Moab for a week – and didn’t cry!
  • Catching Alaskan salmon at Lake Aleknagik.
  • Surviving my first trip to NYC.
  • Seeing 11 T-Rex skulls and visited 2 globally renowned dinosaur museums.
  • Three Words: Michael Franti Live.
image IMG_2398

Alax Vong

  • Quitting my previous job.
  • Venturing on a partial West Coast road trip.
  • Didn’t work for 6 months.
  • Being accepted as an intern where there was opportunity for collaborative work.
  • Convincing someone to pay me to design.

Thaison Kawal

  • Being given the opportunity to work here at the agency.
  • Being part of / helping build a great creative department.
  • Running over 750 miles in the last year.
  • Working again in my workshop.
  • Traveling and visiting ALL friends and family.

Jayleen Popp

  • Having my one year anniversary with The Abbi Agency.
  • Having my one year anniversary with Rob.
  • Moving out on my own.
  • Getting two new awesome co-workers!
  • Buying a new car.
  • BONUS: Traveling to Arizona to see my favorite baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Liane O’Neill

  • Spending ten days trekking through Israel.
  • Scoring a placement for Onstream in VentureBeat.
  • Being hired on at The Abbi Agency.
  • Going to Burning Man for the first time.
  • Experiencing the first White Christmas in Reno for years.
Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 1.42.04 PM

Abbi Whitaker

  • Purchasing and settling into the agency’s new building.
  • Continuing to promote Reno, and landing a Wall Street Journal cover page story.
  • Diversifying our services by growing new departments.
  • Winning the TravelNevada account with our friends at Fahlgren Mortine to continue promoting the state as an amazing tourist destination.  
  • Watching my team grow into a group of talented and hardworking professionals.

David Campos

  • Not breaking/losing my phone – (in 2014 I had 3 phones).
  • Being on the National Student Advertising Competition Team for UNR.  
  • Contributing to the development of Canfest, particularly the website.
  • Studying abroad in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Surviving my first Skydiving experience with a Russian instructor that did not speak english.
IMG_8534 IMG_8788

 Constance Aguilar

  • Taking my first solo trip to Iceland
  • Winning an NCET Creative Services Rising Star award
  • Helping support the Reno Instagrammys, the best event in the world aside from CANFEST
  • Spending time with cool folks in Wisconsin watching my wonderful friend get hitched and enjoying the tunes from the inaugural Bon Iver music festival
  • Introducing the ultimate diva, Connie Bonafanti, to the world
  • BONUS: Attending several meetings with Noah Silverman
IMG_3898 IMG_3969

And last but not least, Marissa Schwartz with a list of goals for 2016:

  • Travel to an exotic location the likes of which I’ve never been.
  • Raise a happy, healthy and loving dog.
  • Spend less time on my phone and other devices, more time reading books and engaging in face-to-face interaction.
  • Develop and maintain strong cohesive relationships with clients to help them achieve their desired results.
  • Have FUN!


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